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Welcome To Desert Safari Dxb – Hatta Wadi Tour

Hatta Wadi Trip:

Hatta Wadi traveling throughout life:

Explore Hatta Wadi, a mountainous area in Dubai, in our Hatta Wadi trips. You will discover fun, such as water sports in Hatta dams, kayaks, and traditional websites and culture.

You will enjoy visiting Hatta Heritage Village with stone houses built with palm roofs and protective clocks and Falaj Tour, Hatta Wadi. This covers pottery, furniture, traditional weapons, and more.

About Hatta:

Hatta Tour is famous for authentic local food, kayaking, hiking, and 4WD Mountain SAFARI from Dubai. Full-day Hatta trips from Sharjah and Dubai are the best ideas externally.

Eastern Area of ​​Emirates Discover the Hatta Mountains on this tour, including the WADI rock landscape surrounded by the Al-Hajar mountain in 4WD cars that are comfortable.

It includes exports from the hotel, Sharjah, and Dubai, including the Every Hatta tour, complimentary lunch snacks, and mineral water bottles.

Hatta Mountain Tour:

On the journey of this mountain, you will enjoy driving a safari on the mountain through the Hajar Mountains. Black sandstone has formed these mountains.

Enjoy rafting—skiing, hiking, and favorite activities. You will love Hatta Wadi because it will take you to the ancient world of Arabic culture, and it is an incredible option for the family.

Hatta Heritage Village:

  • It is famous as the best tourist destination. This is the oldest country in the area. The water pond is meticulously decorated, and a stone house sits amidst the two observers: fortress and Majlis.
  • You can visit the museum. Here are photos of traditional life in Hatta. In this way, you will learn about the Arabs and traditional life. Ancient Arabic
  • Water sports and kayaking in the Hatta Dam
  • Explore the Hatta mountain and enjoy water sports here, including Pedalo donut ships and kayaking.
  • For kayaking guests for double riding and single beds
  • Pedalo boat supports one child and three adults with the sunshade.
  • Donut ships are provided for two children and four adults.

Trip activities:

You will enjoy this trip here because it is full of fun. The region provides basic knowledge about the Arab culture and a good tradition. It is rich in a good culture, beach, wildlife and many more.

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