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Strategies to Increase the Engagement of Your Facebook Page’s

The engagement with Facebook Pages has dropped 20% since beginning of 2017 as per BuzzSumo who looked into more than 800 million Facebook posts posted by publishers and brands.

As a social media marketing professional it’s a bit worrying to observe these developments. We believe there are ways to fight this decline in organic reach through Facebook and we’d be happy to share our tips with you. In this article we’ll discuss 5 simple methods for increasing the Facebook Page engagement. Many of them have been proven and have proven effective for us.

1. Post less

Our reach was increased by posting less and engagement 3 times. The main reason behind the increase was not just that we posted less. The reason is that posting less allowed us to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. We could post the most valuable content each day by posting only two or three times per day. When we posted anywhere from up to five times per day, it was difficult to come up with amazing content to post.

If you’re a sole managing your social media or a small-sized business owner who manages the social media for your company accounts, you may have had this experience before. Finding the best content can take time and effort, and you might not always have time to manage that. If you’re able to keep high-quality posts even when you post multiple times per day, don’t feel like you must alter your approach. A handful of our readers have posted at least 10 times per day on their Facebook pages and have seen great results.

2. Post when your followers are online

We used to think that there was one universal optimal moment to publish on Facebook in the early in the afternoon. But no more.

We believe that each company has their own ideal time(s) to make a post. This is because the ideal timing to publish is determined by various factors that are unique to each brand. What is your field expertise? Where are your followers located? What time of the day do your followers join Facebook? The most scientific method of determining your ideal time to post is to review your own personal data. Within the section of your page’s Facebook Page Insights under the Post tab, you will see data on when your Facebook Page users are online every day of the week.

Based on your information and information, you can come up with educated guesses about your ideal timing for posting. I recommend trying different timings during peak and non-peak times to determine which is more effective for your business.

3. Make it specifically to Facebook

The things that work what works on Instagram or Twitter could not necessarily be the same on Facebook. For instance, hashtags work fantastic for Instagram as well. GIFs are fantastic on Twitter however, they are less effective on Facebook. It’s recommended to design Facebook posts that are specifically designed for your Facebook page. With  it is easy to modify your social media posts for each platform while posting to several platforms at once. You can take it one step further and customize the headline of the Facebook page you post. If you’d want to give this trial, we would be delighted to see you try FansLeap Business and feel the different.

4. Check out videos

If you’re thinking about how to write your Facebook posts. we think you should consider making videos. As we’ve observed in the past year, video posts are performing the best when they are when they are on Facebook for engagement and reach. According to the BuzzSumo report mentioned previously revealed that “videos have now doubled the engagement level of other formats for posts in average Facebook videos Loco wise discovered that 93 percent of the video views took place without sound.

5. Go Live

Facebook is also pushing live videos extensively over the last year. They altered the algorithm to place live videos more highly when they’re Live as opposed to when they’re not Live. Facebook announced it was “People spend over three times as long watching videos on Facebook Live video, on average, compared to videos that isn’t Live” as well as “people make comments over 10 times more often on Facebook Live footage than normal videos.”

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