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If You’re interested in the Tech Industry, Consider These Job Roles

The Tech Industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and it is unlikely to slow down any time soon. The innovations and advancements in technology mean that there is always a demand for tech expertise, especially in business. If you are wanting to break into the tech industry, then you will need to think about what kinds of roles are worth pursuing. For instance, are you interested finding roles IT support services companies? Or do you want to aim for a specialist role within a company’s internal IT department. Maybe you want to be a software engineer? Or perhaps security is more your interest.

As with any industry, there are trends in the tech sector. Some fields of technology are more relevant than others, and therefore will be more in demand among businesses. Below are some of the most relevant tech roles, based on what kinds of technology are in high demand.

  1. Cloud Architect

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a world without Cloud Computing. Some may not realise this, but the Cloud is essential for things like online banking and social media. Cloud Migration is a hotly demanded service, and there are a lot of businesses out there, and so job roles relating to the Cloud are likely to remain very relevant for a long time to come.

A Cloud Architect is someone who specialises in designing and building Cloud environments using one of the many Public Cloud Services out there. The most popular services include Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. If you want to become a Cloud Architect, you will need to pick a service to specialise in.

  • Web Developer

Every business needs a website, and that is not an overstatement. With the direction that society and business is going – i.e. the increasing reliance we have on the internet and devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets – it is essential for a business to have a good website, as it may be their target audience’s first point of contact with their brand. You want that first impression to be a good one.

There are 3 main types of web developer: Front-end Developers, who manage the customer facing components of a website, such as user interface and user experience; then there are Back-end Developers, who focus on the behind-the-scenes components of a website; and then there are Full Stack Developers, who manage both the front-end and the back-end.

  • Cybersecurity Engineer

The security of a business’ digital data is an extremely high priority. What with the constant arms race between the hackers and software developers, there will always be a demand for cybersecurity specialists. Some businesses may handle highly sensitive data for their customers – such as businesses in healthcare, finance, or the legal sector. They need to be able to protect that sensitive customer data at all costs.

Cybersecurity specialists may be hired by a managed IT service provider, or a managed security service provider. Or they may work directly for a business internally, providing security for them.

  • Machine Learning and AI Specialist

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing field with the potential to revolutionise a lot of areas of technology. The ability to parse through previously unfathomable amounts of data, and to be able to automate complex business processes, are just a few of the potential benefits of AI and machine learning. The growth in demand for AI and ML roles within business has been steadily growing since at least 2015. If you want to get into either of these fields, a strong knowledge of coding languages such as Python and Java will be required.

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