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5 simple DIY ideas to enhance the energy efficiency of your home

If you are moving to a new home or want to make some changes to your current home, you can make it energy efficient with simple DIY ideas. When you do this, you can decrease your energy bills, save electricity, and thereby the environment by lowering the carbon footprint. 

If you are looking for a home that has a good energy efficiency rating, you can ask for assistance from estate agents in Brighton. They have many energy-efficient homes with high-end features that save energy so you need not feel anxious about the excessive use of electricity. You will also feel happy about doing your part to save the environment if you live in an energy-efficient home. But what are the simple DIY ideas you can follow to make your home energy efficient? Have a look. 

  1. Seal the air leaks 

If there are any gaps in the windows or doors the air inside the home may escape or the outside elements can enter your home. So you can take care of this energy waste by sealing the gaps in the windows and doors. Plus you can also block the chimney if you don’t use it. By doing this you can control the ventilation and prevent dampness and condensation. 

There are off-the-shelf products in the shops like caulk guns that help you seal the tiny gaps in the windows and doors and draught-proof your home. You can also use other simple products like floorboards, skirting boards and loft hatches to prevent the draught from entering the home. 

  1. Insulate the lofts 

You can decrease the heat loss on the roofs by installing loft insulation because it prevents heat loss from your home. You don’t need to use the heater more often if you trap the warm air inside. That is why it is a good idea to invest in a good insulating foam board that will do the trick. There are build-your-own insulation tips available that you can follow but if you need more ideas for loft insulation you can ask the estate agents operating in your area for it.  

  1. Use LED light bulbs 

If you are still using old lightbulbs in your home, now it is time to switch to LED light bulbs because these options only consume less energy. It could help you reduce your energy bills too and these are more effective and last longer than the other incandescent bulbs. 

Further, LED lights direct the light to one specific area so you don’t have to use diffusers and reflectors anymore. These also come in many shapes and sizes so you can buy some attractive LED lights to lighten up and enhance the look of your home. 

  1. Insulate the water pipes and tanks 

You can reduce the loss of heat from the heating system of your home by insulating the water pipes, tanks and radiators. It is an inexpensive DIY job. 

You can buy a foam tube of the right size and fit those around the water pipes. Also, you can add reflective panels at the back of the radiators as this prevents heat loss by reflecting the heat to the room. During chilly weather, you can keep your home cosy and use the heater less often than necessary and by doing this you can keep the warmth where it belongs. 

  1. Add cosy furnishings 

You can buy rungs, curtains and drapes that are darker in colour to keep your rooms warm and cosy. Insulate the floor by using a thick carpet which is suitable if you have a floor made of wood and tiles. Also the most effective for such floors is the fitted carpet which stays in place. 

Further, use curtains that are heavy and lined because this help to keep out the draughts in the winter months and also keeps your home cool in the summer months. 

Get professional help to make your home energy-efficient 

If you are looking for expert tips to make your home energy-efficient, feel free to get help from the estate agents as they will offer you excellent ideas to make your home energy efficient. On the other hand, if you are looking for amazing energy-efficient homes to buy then the estate agents will provide you with the property listing of homes based on your requirement. Get in touch with these experts now.

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