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All You Need To Know About Your First Marine Aquarium

Did you go through the marine aquarium for sale section? Do you think you’re prepared for one? 

We know. You’re scared, it’s a big step to set up a marine aquarium, or many think so. They’ve scared you so much that it seems almost impossible. What about coral food and marine fish food? 

The truth is amateurs who look for marine aquariums for sale do so after having had experience. This has always been advised to many people since before there were no sources of knowledge, no guides to read and learn.

What do you need to set up a marine aquarium?

Today things have changed a lot, and the technique in marine aquariums has improved so much that we can keep all kinds of creatures. And, of course, our first aquarium is a marine one.

What size to be? How much money do you need? What to buy to start? What is the basic equipment? Is it dosing pumpsWhat function do they fulfill? What parameters should the water have?


  • You have to have a place.
  • It’s that simple. You have to have a place to dedicate it to your aquarium. And you have to decide how much space that place you are going to give in your home has, and where you are going to give it to him.
  • The aquariums should be in places where they are not given direct light or where it is a passageway where they can be hit when passing or scare the fish.
  • It will also be perfect if it is not in a basement or a place that you do not usually visit often since you will miss the beauty of having it. Many people choose to mount it in the living room if they have space and place it away from windows, in the darkest parts of the house.

What do you need to set up a marine aquarium?

Many people go crazy looking for information. There are two ways to set up an aquarium:

• With sump

• Without sump

First of all, what is a sump?

The sump is an additional aquarium that is integrated into the marine aquarium. It is very simple. The main aquarium goes upstairs, and it is the one you see where the fish swim and your corals live. The aquarium downstairs is where all that equipment goes that spoils the aesthetics of the aquarium but is also very necessary. This way, you only see the beauty of a piece of the reef in your house.

Another option is to put this equipment in the aquarium and not use a sump. They spoil the aesthetics a bit, but it is also possible.

Some models have a rear stage or a glass that hides them, so they are not as visible, but it takes away space from the landscape of your aquarium itself.

We recommend using the sump not only because of the elegance of the design when viewing an aquarium but also because of how practical it is when cleaning the equipment and carrying out the necessary maintenance.

How does a marine aquarium work?

What makes it possible for the fish not to die in an aquarium, fresh or saltwater? The bacteria. Yes, just as it sounds.

  • When setting up the aquarium, we must wait at least 30 days until a bacterial colony has settled in the aquarium. Bacteria make it possible to synthesize bodily waste so that it is non-toxic.
  • To house these bacteria, a porous medium is needed. That is why reef rock or other artificial rocks are used, each one has its pros and cons, but both options are possible.
  • Live rock brings life, and cycling is shortened, while artificial stone brings nothing and takes a little longer, but on the other hand, it is free of pests and problems, and it is a very favorable point.
  • Putting sand increases the bacterial load as long as it does not exceed two or three centimeters thick because it can cause other types of problems by trapping certain residues inside. 

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