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What a business telephone system can do for you

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In addition to communication, modern business phone systems offer features that are designed to enhance efficiency, simplify tasks, and increase profitability. Business phone solutions are beneficial to any company, whether it’s a physical or virtual operation. You can find more information at


Small business owners used to be intimidated by feature-rich phone systems due to their cost and complexity. Previously, they could only be afforded by large companies. Today, they are available to small companies as well. Cost-effective as they are, these solutions can support large-scale operations as well. Small business owners can pick a package that has many useful features to increase their productivity. You can find any other company like Better Quality Logistics LLC helping business owners fulfil their needs related to logistic easily.

Transcribing voicemails is essential

There have been voicemail systems for years now, but what about transcription of voicemail? There isn’t much information available about this technology. There isn’t a lot of information on this technology. Whenever a customer leaves a voicemail after office hours, you will receive an email containing the transcribed message. You can quickly and easily review messages so you can decide whether they are important or not.

An email inbox receives voicemail messages

You or a member of your staff will receive voicemail messages time-stamped to your email inbox. Using this feature, you can listen to the voicemail. If it pertains to the other person, it is easy to forward it to them.

Keeping track of employee phone calls and reviewing them

By using this feature, managers can ensure that their employees interact with customers in a professional manner. Using it, managers are able to assess their employees and supervise them. Benchmarking is another way to assess employees’ performance. Utilizing this feature will guarantee your customers get excellent service.

Put on the music

The customer should always hear some music or an advertisement when they are put on hold, but never complete silence. If you’d rather, tell your customers what’s new with your company through some catchy music. Maybe you have a promotion, or a discount. We do this as a way to thank them for their patience and for bringing us more sales.

 In-state number transfer to an out-of-state mobile phone

This feature is very useful for companies that are constantly on the go. You don’t have to change your mobile number or tie your landline to your new number. Simply get a local number that will direct all calls to your mobile phone.

Capabilities for mobility

As long as we’re discussing mobile capabilities, let’s talk about the mobility of today’s business phone systems.

Telecommuting and working from home are common in today’s workplaces. Workers need an easy way to access the office network from their mobile devices without giving up their personal phone number.

With VoIP technology, employees are able to make and receive business calls no matter where they are located, without having a dedicated business line.

Mobile apps and mobility services let them access their desk phones from wherever they are. The caller ID will show the call came from the office as a result. This allows clients to reach your staff no matter where they are. Employees no longer have to sit behind a desk. They are still able to remain in touch with their clients when they are attending conferences and meetings.

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