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3 Best high pressure misting systems

As you might know, high-pressure misting systems are one of the most popular ways to maintain the cold air in your greenhouse. However, it can also be done using a high-pressure fan. This is because the high-pressure misting system itself is very effective. Because the high-pressure misting systems are so popular, they are also quite expensive. That is why I have made this list of the top 5 best high-pressure misting systems. If you want to know how to choose the best high-pressure misting systems for your greenhouse, then you should read this article. These are the best high-pressure misting systems in the market. A company nabufly deliver them all over the world and even take customize orders. This is the list

High-pressure spray stabilizer

The high-pressure pump presses the water up to 5 10MPa. After pressurizing the filtered and purified water with the plunger pump The high-pressure spray principle is followed.

The particle size produced by sprays is between 10 to 30 meters. Because of its ultra-fine particle size and nearly zero friction, the spray will rapidly absorb molecular particles it is sprayed onto the surroundings and can have a major result in the removal of odors and disinfection.

The water mist that escapes into the air can cause airflow, which increases the power of the spray as well as the collision probabilities between gas molecules. It also makes it simple to capture small molecules.

High-pressure sprays can enhance the electric charge of fog droplets as well as speed up the decomposition and condensation of molecules.

The equipment comes with an automated proportioning liquid system with an adjustable proportional valve and automatic siphon. It also has automatic proportioning to ensure that the liquid is always proportioned and sprayed in the desired proportion.

With the latest backflow technology that prevents pipe water accumulation, and persistent moss to ensure that the spray nozzle has a spray effect and the sprinkler head is equipped with a drip stopper ensures that the sprinkler head will not leak water, and the security of automatic pressure relief and when the sprayer has was stopped the body will let go of the pressure of the high-pressure nozzle, in order to stop the spray nozzle from dropping.

With multiple filters and filter boxes that effectively purify water, decrease the blockage of nozzles, and increase operational efficiency.5 microns precision combination filters and efficient water filter the main machine comes with an ultrafiltration system to eliminate nozzle blockage to seal the non-circulating water and prevent the spread of bacteria.

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High-Pressure Fogging misting System Greenhouse

A high-pressure atomization device is a great option for greenhouses to reduce temperatures, prevent plants from burning as well as to increase the resistance of plants, minimize insect and plant pests, provide healthy conditions for growth for plants and encourage rapid growth of plants. Greenhouses often get hot during summer which is extremely detrimental for plants. The excessive temperature may cause plants do not to have enough water, deformed plants, and dry seedlings. This significantly affects the quality of products.

A high temperature can cause a massive consumption of photosynthetic plant substances which can cause a loss of fruit and flowers as well as reduce the yield of plants and reduce the value of the commodities. To avoid this, vent more air and utilize the high-pressure atomization method. High-pressure atomization cooling is used to spray water onto your greenhouse as a form of mist particles, which makes it rapidly evaporate. By utilizing its features the latent heat generated by water vaporization is huge and a substantial quantity of heat in the air gets absorbed by it to accomplish the goal of cooling.

The greenhouse high-pressure system for atomization is comprised of a high-pressure gas atomizer and a high-pressure tube, nozzles, and other accessories. The high-pressure atomization device is easy and simple to set up. The atomized molecules sprayed range from 5 to 10 microns in size. They are able to instantly evaporate. They can also cool down and can be cooled down to 5- 10 degrees Celsius.

High-Pressure Misting Fan

The ideal fog fan for the vast area requires humidity, cooling, disinfection, and removal of dust. Extremely effective at atomization.

* Centrifugal misting, no issue with nozzles clogging and low sound.

• Stainless Steel Atomizer, and dynamic balance rotated disk exact calculation of water output. If the speed is greater than 3000rpm. The misting fan produces mist particles of 10x20mm.

* Motor that is 100 percent copper, IP44 B class.

* Axial fan of high-performance with 8000CMH airflow. the misting could be achieved at a distance of 15 meters.

* Fan housing made of stainless steel and fan blades. Anti-corrosion. long-lasting.

* Comes with CE accreditation

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