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Until you feel bored chatting with Facebook and WhatsApp friends is fun. If one of you wants to make new friends or wants to do chats to kill time, Random chat apps are a great solution to bring enjoyment. Multiple best random chat apps are there to communicate with the unknown and add spice to your life. To share your thoughts with strangers can make you feel distinctive and it can be therapeutic. One of the great things about the random chat app is revealing your identity is not at all essential. Before using these apps one must understand that some of the apps may save your conversation on their database so the user must be careful and avoid saying something you may regret in the future. You must check the features of the below random chat app before starting talking to communicate.

·         Connected2. Me:

One can start chatting anonymously and explore new friends by using this app. Conntected2.Me is a random chatting app that uses GPS to provide a profile nearby. One can easily start chatting by simply tapping on the profile. is inspired by Instagram as users can get stories on the top of the screen. It is not essential to make an account before sending or receiving messages but if you want to upload stories one must need an account. This random chatting app is worth trying if some of you want to confess or share some secrets. This is an easily downloadable app on Android and iOS and approximately downloaded over 10 million times. It comes with a shuffle feature that empowers the user to connect with random users who are available at that moment for chatting. One can easily find great friends without revealing one identity by using this feature.

·         Chatous:

This is another one of the famous random chat apps that allows you to connect with different people from all over the globe and hold conversations with them. Custom software Development Company aims to narrowly design and work according to requirements of the user so that they can also share Youtube videos in the chats. Hashtags can find the person to share their favorite topics. Chatous would be the best choice that brings the same interest to people around you. This app keeps all conversations private and is getting deleted and it is the choice of the user to show the personality or create a fake account. Chatous works well on Android as well as iOS. One can easily change the display name that cannot be searched. It allows you to share pictures, audio, and videos.

·         Wakie:

This random chatting app allows the user to share feelings with the unknown. It creates a topic to discuss and gets the right person to socialize with. Wakie supports both text and voice chats so that one can keep in touch and talk about a favorite interesting topic. Mobile app development services are used to design, support, and build all types of web-based software so that users can connect with strangers all around the world through wakie. Privacy setting allows users to decide whether they want to share profiles with others. It is executable on Android and iOS. 

These app are easy to use and you can and they can help you to connect with the world.

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