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Paint by numbers for kids kit is the first step on the way to art for your kid!

Painting by Numbers for Kids  – a modern type of creative development of your child. As children we all played, modeled, built something, glued and modeled. We all had our own hobbies and activities to our liking, eventually celebrating at a kids birthday venue Singapore. And of course, we all love to paint and color. And really, as practice shows, of all creative activities, the child is most interested in drawing. A creativity is an integral part of the harmonious development of every child.

Painting by numbers for children

For the youngest artists there are special paints for hands, when the kid just draws with his fingers, dipping them into a jar of paints. When they grow up and can hold a pencil or marker in their hands, they move on to drawing on the wallpaper in the living room.

Then come the first coloring books, drawing in his album, and so on. As a result, the young talents will improve their drawing skills and enhance their skills.

And when the children go to school (from about 6-7 years), it’s time to introduce them to drawing pictures by number. Painting by numbers for children is not only a great pastime for a child, but also a real opportunity to develop their artistic skills, assiduity and accuracy.

Rules for choosing paintings for children

So, what the parents of the young artist should know:

First, when selecting a painting by number for children – take into account the age, gender and hobbies of the child. For younger children 6-8 years old choose paintings of level 1 complexity, for older children – level 2 and so on. There are a lot of paintings with children’s themes among these difficulty levels. For example, such as kind and funny animals, favorite toys, cartoon and fairy tale characters, cars and more. It is important that the plot depicted in the picture, fascinated your child, it was interesting.

Secondly, take a look at our series of articles “All origami. As a result, by becoming a real “pro,” you yourself will explain the basics of drawing pictures by number in a language accessible to your child. At the beginning, while the child is learning to paint a picture, help him, prompt. It is better to do it in the form of a game as a real artist. Very soon, when the image starts to appear, you yourself will become very interested.

Thirdly, it’s important to teach your child how to hold a brush correctly. Hold a brush correctly as a pen, sandwiched between your thumb and middle finger and holding it with your index finger.

And finally, teach your child to paint all areas of the picture in the correct colors. Of course, you will need to help at first: fine tuning lines and adding some small elements.

Examples of paintings by number with children’s themes:

As a result, very soon you will be convinced that drawing children’s paintings by number is an interesting and useful activity, which can also become a pleasant pastime for the whole family. Drawing develops a child’s imagination, sense of beauty, subtle taste and opens up new abilities and talents. In addition, coloring by number for children will teach a child perseverance, attention and accuracy. As a result, handmade masterpieces will be a great decoration for your child’s room.

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