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Ecommerce SEO vs Normal SEO: 5 Important Differences (2022)



best seo services

To break into the highly competitive eCommerce space, it’s often not enough to use run-of-the-mill SEO tactics.

While it’s still just as important to do keyword research, optimize your website’s performance, and take other general SEO measures, there’s far more you need to do if you want to compete with the thousands of other online stores.

On top of essentials like on-page SEO, there are several eCommerce-specific joe SEO actions you can go for. Many of these are similar to what you are already doing, but specialized to get more eyes on your products.

In this article, we’re going to dig into those methods that boost your online store in the SERPs.Why Bother With Ecommerce SEO?

It’s already enough work covering all the bases of joe SEO-optimizing process for your site. Now you have to deal with even more steps to get your products on par?

It may take some extra work, but investing your time in eCommerce SEO is well worth the effort. 44% of online shoppers start their journey with a search engine and 37.5% of eCommerce traffic comes from search alone. That means you need to optimize for the SERPs as much as you possibly can. Cut no corners with SEO!

In addition, 49% of shoppers say they use Google to discover or find products. About as many also say they use the search engine to research online purchases they plan on making. This is why it’s so important to upload a good image and optimize your product descriptions in order to attract clicks from sources like Google Shopping.

On the other hand, statistics also show that an even higher number of people (63%) start searching directly on Amazon. This is unfortunate for businesses who don’t cross-post their products on online marketplaces, but it’s all the more reason you need to capture clicks from those who do use search engines.

Finally, 70% of marketers believe that SEO drives more sales than pay-per-click advertising. These days, just about everyone is using an ad blocker — these block not just traditional banner ads, but also sponsored results in Google — so the effectiveness of PPC is vastly diminished.

Ad blocking may be common, but who isn’t using search engines? Nailing that top spot in the SERPs, or at least landing on the front page, can be your one-way ticket to success.What’s “Normal” SEO?

Let’s take a minute to define standard SEO measures. These are just as important to follow to create a baseline for your online store, and many of these, such as keyword research, play into ecommerce SEO practices.Keyword research — Arguably the most important of SEO tactics, this involves researching the best-ranking and upcoming keywords and distributing them throughout your content.Optimizing static pages (About, FAQ, Contact, etc.) — You might be surprised how important it is to optimize those small static pages on your site with good keyword usage.URLs and permalink structure — URLs matter for SEO. Addresses that are human-readable, rather than random strings of numbers or text, are better for ranking. Using keywords is a good idea too, but you should keep it short.XML Sitemaps — Submitting and optimizing an XML sitemap can get your pages crawled faster and increase SEO.Robots.txt — A poorly optimized robots.txt file can seriously damage your search performance, while a properly written one can improve it by blocking off access to parts of your site you don’t want crawled.Performance optimization — If there’s one thing that can majorly affect SEO, it’s performance. Slow loading speeds will do massive damage and kick you right off the front page.Mobile-first indexing — Google will heavily penalize you if your site isn’t responsive on all devices and doesn’t load quickly on slower mobile Internet.Google Search Console — Getting the hang of Google Search Console is integral, as it comes with important analytics and lets you submit a sitemap directly to the search engine. This data also allows you to take informed actions for improving your site.Off-site optimization — It’s not just what you do on your site that matters. Link building, branding, and social metrics also play a role in SEO, while retargeting techniques can guide more users to your website.SEO Tactics to Increase Ecommerce Traffic

Now that you know the basics of “normal” SEO, what about eCommerce-specific tactics? Remembering to do keyword research, set proper URLs, and optimize performance will also help eCommerce stores, but there’s more you can do, and there are special tactics to optimize product pages in particular. Here’s how to do it right.Optimize Your Category Pages

Time to start building up your store. Where better to begin than the category pages?

This is the baseline of your site’s navigation as well as a good source of customers if optimized well. If there’s one thing too many stores do, it’s undervaluing the category page.

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Top 5 qualities to look for in a web agency 



web agency

For many businesses, the internet is a primary component of their operations, and while it seems like an easy feat to set up and maintain, it’s not. There’s no shortage of stories about organisations that have been taken advantage of or severely burnt by a lackadaisical web agency that promised much more than they could deliver.

The below article will help you avoid these pitfalls and make a smart decision about what qualities to look for in a web agency.


While planning for a responsive site can be time-consuming and costly, it’s an absolute must. A website that’s not mobile-friendly is closed off to 80% of your audience, which can be a huge source of frustration. You must find a web design agency that understands the importance of mobile-first design.

A desire to deliver value

Good web agencies know that a top-notch website doesn’t come cheap, but there are plenty of agencies out there that will take your business for a ride. If you’re thinking of outsourcing your digital marketing needs, make sure to thoroughly check the portfolio websites and ask around to see how much other companies are paying them. This will totally give you an idea of what is reasonable and what is way overpriced.

Highly analytical

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy through which clever text and architecture on your website help search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing classify web pages based on the theme or topics discussed. SEO helps to bring traffic to your website and is a great way to draw more eyes in the direction of your site.

With the right web agency, SEO won’t be an afterthought. Your agency will have an SEO plan; it will monitor the progress of your web pages regularly and will work with you to make sure that you’re getting the most out of each marketing tactic.

Highly creative

Whatever the size of your business, the online world is brimming with competition, and now more than ever, it’s all about standing out. A great web agency should be able to offer creative ideas that will appeal to not only new customers but also those who are already familiar with your brand.


When it comes to making a website, business owners need to take into consideration how long a particular element of their site will be viewable on the internet. As the barrier to entry on the internet is so low, the lifespan of a website can be extremely short, especially if it doesn’t serve its purpose or isn’t up to date with the latest trends.

There are plenty of web agencies out there that will simply throw something together and call it a day. If you want your website to have longevity, you need to make sure that you are working with a company that takes pride in what they do and truly cares about the work they produce.

When building a website, it can be easy to get carried away and think that it’s all about the bells and whistles. While there will always be elements of your site that benefit from some glamour, there is nothing more important than making sure that you have an actual strategy in place for your web design projects.

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Best Web Developers in Bakersfield



Best Web Developers in Bakersfield

Zenith Web Agency and SEO Services

Zenith Web Agency and SEO Services takes special care of clients in the Bakersfield metro. It completes website architecture, SEO, and web-based entertainment promoting projects for organizations from various ventures including retail, café, wellbeing, and agribusiness. The organization makes dynamic sites, plans logos, and distributes drone-caught recordings. It likewise offers site reinforcement, site facilitating, security observing, and professional reference administrations. Moreover, it sets up and oversees Google Business pages. The organization has more than 15 years of involvement with the web improvement industry.

Alan Urquhart Design

Alan Urquhart Design is a solitary individual organization situated in Bakersfield. Mr. Urquhart regularly makes financial plan agreeable sites with off-the-rack bundles, like WordPress and Joomla, yet additionally has the HTML and CSS programming abilities to foster information base driven destinations without any preparation. Mr. Urquhart’s style is fit to his run of the mill client base, which is private ventures that need a ton of data on the presentation page without it looking jumbled. He will in general adhere to a few tones, straightforward duplicate, and industry-explicit pictures. His clients incorporate American Toner Recycling, TCI Fabworx, and Courses 4 Educators.

Bakersfield Bizz

Bakersfield Bizz is a product and versatile application improvement organization giving custom answers for organizations. It helps private companies feature their items through web advancement administrations utilizing devices like Joomla, WordPress, and Webflow. The improvement interaction includes consolidating capability and configuration, making the site ‘gadget rationalist’, and review the venture through SEO. The organization’s prime supporter, John Tomblin, knows quite a bit about programming plan, design, and improvement. He has worked with various customers, for example, Fidelity National Financial, the United States Air Force, and the University of Texas.

Bakersfield Graphics and Marketing Solutions

Vidor Designs is a showcasing and website composition office serving Bakersfield and its encompassing networks. It gives every minute of every day help to organizations in building sites and applications utilizing devices like CSS, HTML, and PHP. Its group of experts assists with creating natural SEO, standard prints, online web promoting, and marking on informal communities. A past client valued the office for proposing a new logo plan that they picked over the first thought they had as a top priority.

Chavez Web Design, LLC

Chavez Web Design LLC is a group of web engineers in Bakersfield that has been building sites without any preparation starting around 2008. Albeit the organization currently centers fundamentally around web showcasing, web improvement is as yet a center piece of its contribution, which likewise incorporates video creation, notoriety the board, and PPC publicizing. Its experience is generally in building sites that permit clients to buy web based, including online business. The destinations are exceptionally centered around getting a deal and are frequently brilliant, with a lot of movement and great pictures. The organization’s clients incorporate Gils Phone Accessories, Belen Insurance, and The Glass Shop.


Deprigo is a website architecture organization in Bakersfield. It utilizes in-house full-stack engineers and creatives who give predesigned and custom web advancement administration bundles. These incorporate structure highlights like online business mix, portable responsiveness, cost number cruncher, CRM, dynamic posting, and paid participation access. Furthermore, the organization offers web upkeep and web facilitating arrangements. Deprigo is an individual from the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce, Promotional Products Association International, and Advertising Specialty Institute.

Plan Logic Hub

Plan Logic Hub is a computerized office that takes special care of existing and impending brands in Bakersfield. It creates and plans easy to understand sites that fill various needs, like internet business, content administration framework, B2B, and B2C entryways. Its sites likewise permit consistent cross-platforming by using adaptable designs, flexible pictures, and flowing template media inquiries. The organization’s website specialists and engineers have been conceded a Design Excellency grant by The Drum Awards Design. It has gotten the Asia Young Designer Award and the 2019 German Design Award.

Enspyre Digital

Enspyre Digital is an organization in Bakersfield that offers many administrations including website architecture and improvement. It helps organizations by making sites that are web search tool streamlined and are responsive and viable with cell phones. Its group of creatives likewise handles site symbolism and copywriting for clients. The firm offers custom site improvement bundles as well as web based business bundles. It works with organizations in various ventures including finance, development, clinical, and IT.

Fluxar Studios, Inc.

Situated in Bakersfield, Fluxar Studios, Inc., helps different organizations in building their image through web advancement. It uses a wide assortment of web designs that can be tweaked by its clients’ determinations, whether they need to further develop site commitment insights or foster practical applications for their business. It additionally spends significant time in giving plan administrations to organization logos, signage, banners, and collection workmanship. Fluxar Studios, Inc., was laid out in 1997 by creator and imaginative chief, Kynan Chambers.

Hello Salty

Laid out in 2020, Hey Salty is a promoting office situated in Bakersfield helping little and fair size organizations develop. The organization handles custom sites, visual depiction, statistical surveying, organization online journals, and website improvement. It additionally offers online entertainment the executives, video creation, pay-per-click promoting, regular postal mail advertising, and lead age. Custom substance and site support administrations are additionally accessible. Hello Salty is an individual from the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Greater Bakersfield Chamber.

Kalieb Designs

Established over 10 years prior, Kalieb Designs is a full-administration web improvement and plan organization with areas in Bakersfield, Ventura, and Paso Robles. Involved web engineers and architects, developers, and specialists, it has exceptionally constructed sites, online security frameworks, and virtual organizations for clients all through North America. The organization additionally offers devoted web and email facilitating administrations, can carefully migrate information to clients’ new areas, and back up client information on secure off-webpage servers. The office’s past clients incorporate the Schwartz Law Firm and the Golden Valley Orthodontic Lab.

LocalClicks Pro

LocalClicks Pro is a Bakersfield-based office that spends significant time in creating sites from the beginning, utilizing industry-standard projects like and PHP. The organization can construct sites for any reason, from basic presentation pages for independent ventures to complex information driven multi-channel locales for greater organizations and whole internet business destinations for online organizations. It additionally represents considerable authority in mixing SEO into its ventures, keeping the most recent rules from driving web crawlers to augment traffic stream. LocalClicks Pro’s extra administrations incorporate creating publicizing lobbies for online entertainment stages and coordinating live visit administrations into existing sites.


Marcom is a publicizing organization that has been serving clients in Bakersfield starting around 1998. Organizations can employ the organization to plan sites that would permit them to draw in their interest group actually. Its designers additionally redesign existing locales for better network safety, further developed style and openness, and online business incorporation. Moreover, the firm aides produce a scope of showcasing materials for print and online media. President and imaginative chief Dave Plivelich has worked with different private and government clients.

Net Connection

Net Connection serves clients in Bakersfield and close by regions. The organization offers a wide assortment of administrations, including web composition and custom programming improvement. It additionally gives web facilitating administrations utilizing Linux and Windows servers. Its group offers shopping basket and Mastercard installment answers for online stores. Net Connection has taken care of site improvement projects for organizations like Healthedge Administrators, Finish Fast Traffic School, Kern Data, The Paper Girls, Dewar’s, and SunMed.


PeakSites is a site improvement organization serving Bakersfield and its encompassing networks. It assists organizations in building their marking through web with planning and improvement that can be gotten to through web crawlers and virtual entertainment. Administrations incorporate responsive website pages, investigation mix, and cross-program similarity. Its group of experts is accessible all day, every day to screen the executed WordPress site while it runs. The organization makes sites for various clients like food bloggers, individual web journals, and occasions and social affairs.

Provision Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Provision Strategic Consulting, Inc., serves clients in Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. The organization creates sites that mirror its clients’ missions, dreams, and values, intending to distinguish contenders, arrive at the right purchasers, and upgrade its clients’ administrations. Its group likewise gives visual computerization, photography, and video creation administrations to assist with making clients’ sites stick out. The organization’s past clients incorporate Goodwill, Valley Children’s Healthcare, and Amtrak. Its CEO, Tracy Leach, is an individual from the Public Relations Society of America.

Saba Agency

Saba Agency is a full-administration publicizing organization that has been giving a scope of showcasing arrangements in Bakersfield starting around 1989. It offers web advancement, plan, and upkeep administrations to assist organizations with contacting their crowd on the web. Its group is likewise knowledgeable on paper plan and creation, virtual entertainment the executives, and advanced promoting. These experts join key preparation and innovative plan with exhaustive execution to augment brand mindfulness. Saba Agency is an individual from the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce.

Setrik Website Design

Setrik Website Design is a business showcasing organization serving Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. It offers website architecture advertising and procedures for nearby organizations to extend their internet based presence. Its sites incorporate different elements, like HTTPS security, photograph exhibitions, online structures, and web facilitating, as well as a choice that permits watchers to share its substance to a few virtual entertainment stages in light of the clients’ decision. The organization additionally offers site promoting examination reports and business and content composing arrangements.


TechX is a group of engineers, planners, tacticians, and task chiefs serving Bakersfield and the encompassing areas. They construct the front finish of destinations as well as the backend, which fills in as a site’s spine. They likewise make portable applications that are viable with both Android and iOS gadgets. Also, the office gives month to month membership bundles that incorporate site support and showcasing through Google and virtual entertainment stages like Instagram and Facebook. TechX has been in assistance starting around 2015.

Appalling Duck Marketing

Appalling Duck Marketing’s web designers in Bakersfield and Santa Monica build responsive sites from the beginning. The office is additionally home to content designers with the abilities to integrate duplicate, illustrations, and SEO into the site’s engineering. The organization’s most famous contribution is its overseen site administration, a comprehensive bundle that incorporates site support, ordinary updates, SEO, and content relocation from different locales. Terrible Duck Marketing’s clients come from a large number of enterprises, for example, Habit for Humanity, a not-for-profit association, Bok Choy On Wheels, a versatile food administration, and All Automatic, an auto mechanics shop.

Web Build Me

Web Build Me works in Bakersfield, serving nearby people and organizations and those in encompassing metros. Its engineers and originators construct sites for both work area and cell phone stages. The organization tests every model to inspect reaction times, visual loyalty, and likely bugs or crashes. It likewise plans logos and standards to fit a client’s ideal image, whether they are outsourcing offices or expert combinations. Web Build Me likewise gives SEO content to articles and blog entries. The organization’s proprietor, Gustavo Martinez, gives face to face counsels for site suggestions and plans.

Website composition by Daniel Sanchez

Website composition by Daniel Sanchez serves people, organizations, and associations in Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. Its pioneer, Daniel Sanchez, has been dealing with web advancement and configuration projects since the year 2000. He assists clients with drawing in their objective clients by making destinations that match their business’ image personality. Sanchez likewise refreshes existing sites, offers web facilitating, and leads web upkeep. A portion of his past clients incorporate Arts Visalia Visual Art Center, ALC Construction, and Escondido First Church of the Nazarene.

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Best Web Designers in Bakersfield



Best Web Designers in Bakersfield


eSEOspace is a website composition and web based showcasing organization that serves clients in Bakersfield. It plans sites that are upgraded for SEO and furnished with custom work processes, livelinesss, and outer connections for natural console focusing on. The organization has finished website composition and web based promoting projects for in excess of 500 private ventures in different enterprises, like protection, monetary administrations, and oil and gas. eSEOspace additionally joins forces with tech organizations, including Yoast, Google, and HubSpot, to convey marking, PR, and virtual entertainment showcasing arrangements.

A+ Web Design

A+ Web Design serves business people and new businesses in Bakersfield. The organization makes custom, responsive sites, including websites, online business stores, and land points of arrival, to assist clients with developing their organizations on the web. Its group utilizes UX plans, SEO and list-building techniques, and PPC publicizing instruments to increment site traffic and transformations. It uses CMS stages like WordPress to empower clients to oversee web content. The organization upholds clients by assigning project directors for their advertising efforts.

Summit Web Agency

Summit Web Agency is a website specialist in Bakersfield that works with private ventures and neighborhood government organizations to make and advance viable sites. The organization focuses on versatile similarity and consolidates specialized SEO onto pages for web search tool benevolence. Furthermore, it offers internet business incorporation alongside happy distribution to draw guests’ advantage and convey client aptitude. Different administrations Acme Web Agency gives incorporate robot photography, virtual entertainment promoting, and watchword enhancement.

Alan Urquhart Design

With over 15 years of involvement, Alan Urquhart Design gives web improvement and configuration administrations for different organizations in the Bakersfield region. The organization, which works with the WordPress and Joomla content administration frameworks, focuses on convenience and versatile website architecture. Furthermore, it makes completely tweaked sites. Visual depiction is the organization’s other area of concentration. Alan Urquhart Design has made corporate logos and plans for handouts, indexes, and print promoting.

Bakersfield Online

Bakersfield Online is an organization that has been serving the metro and its encompassing regions for over 20 years. It assists clients with their organizations by furnishing them with website architecture administrations. It expects to make simple to keep up with, outwardly engaging, and dynamic sites that consolidate data set network and state-of-the-art website improvement procedures. Bakersfield Online has planned sites in different ventures, from amusement, participation associations, and E-business to land and modern assembling.

Plan Marketing

Plan Marketing is a full-administration inventive plan organization serving Bakersfield and close by regions. It makes sites that expect to connect with guests and convert them into clients. It likewise assists organizations with fostering their image personalities and develop their organizations through SEO and web-based entertainment procedures. The organization acquires north of 15 years of involvement website composition, marking, and showcasing. Plan Marketing has finished in excess of 200 undertakings and has served 78 clients, including AmericInn, Home Avenue, Mingle, Rejuv Medical, Studio M Interiors, and Wellnut Farms.

Part Two

Part Two is a website architecture organization that serves clients in Bakersfield and encompassing regions. Its website specialists are gifted in planning basic sites. They can building complex, multi-page destinations too. Beside web architecture and advancement, the organization’s group additionally handles site improvement (SEO), neighborhood map rankings, Google Ads or PPC, and online entertainment advertisements. Part Two was established by computerized promoting trained professionals, Taryn Frenzel and Bill Frenzel.

Citryn Marketing

Citryn Marketing offers a wide determination of administrations to clients in Bakersfield and close by areas. It plans and creates various kinds of sites to assist clients with helping their organizations. The organization likewise formulates SEO methodologies to further develop clients’ web traffic, change, and positioning. It structures on-page content and backlinks and gives virtual entertainment showcasing and notoriety the board arrangements. Also, it makes leaflets, announcements, attire, and video backgrounds. Citryn Marketing has served Aspire Counseling Services and Crosscheck Capital LLC.

Imaginative Concepts

Imaginative Concepts offers computerized administrations for clients in Bakersfield. It plans and creates sites to assist organizations with selling items on the web. It makes special materials, including caps, pens, and customary mugs, as well as difficult to come by things like fishing gear and customized chocolate bars. The organization conveys a choice of custom worker acknowledgment plaques and motivator grants. Imaginative Concepts was at first established as a promotion specialty organization in 1989. It has kept up with both the on the web and non-electronic stores of AERA and Braun Electric.

Daku Solutions

Daku Solutions offers a determination of administrations in Bakersfield and close by areas. It assists business visionaries with working on their sites’ allure through its website architecture arrangements. The office makes enlivened plans fit to clients’ business needs and marking. Its experts redo logos and straightforward site formats that feature organizations’ items, administrations, and audits. They additionally give content relocation, all day, every day web and email facilitating, SEO, and virtual entertainment mix arrangements. The undertaking has served Orlan Custom Painting and Papi’s Keys and Remotes.

Enspyre Digital

Enspyre Digital is a computerized promoting office that serves Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. Web specialists at this organization foster redid sites with portable advancement to assist with guaranteeing greatest openness of the business. They likewise help with making and keeping a strong web-based presence by utilizing compelling SEO strategies to produce leads. Other computerized showcasing arrangements are Facebook and Google promoting effort the executives, as well as photography and video advertising methodologies. Past clients incorporate Valley Printing and Promotions, Executive Copier Solutions, and Transition Training Program LLC.

Fluxar Studios, Inc.

Fluxar Studios Inc. is a web composition organization in Bakersfield. It furnishes clients with sites have delightful custom designs and extraordinary usefulness and that are direct for their site clients to explore. Close by website composition, this high-influence organization represents considerable authority moving designs and brand character, making everything from logos and ads through to bundling and signage. It additionally offers its clients photography, banner craftsmanship, and collection workmanship administrations.


GWS is a website architecture office that takes care of clients inside Bakersfield. Through visual depiction that is secured on a brand’s picked colors, slogans, and pictures, it creates sites that component worked on web-based perceivability to attract expected clients. It joins its made marking and content, like recordings and photography, with strategies like catchphrase research, SEO, and measurable examination to recognize and adjust to winning patterns and tastes available. A portion of the organization’s past clients incorporate Alcorn Aire and the Hazel Hurst Foundation.

Kalieb Designs

Kalieb Designs is a full-administration website specialist in Bakersfield that has more than 10 years of involvement making sites for computerized showcasing arrangements. It serves private, business, and agrarian clients and creates sites that are custom fitted to every client’s necessities through the combination of pertinent designs that connect as well as illuminate. The sites are likewise coordinated with vital SEO to further develop their web index rankings and clients’ internet based openness to clients.

LocalClicks Pro

LocalClicks Pro serves clients in the Bakersfield metro and the encompassing regions. It offers website composition and improvement arrangements, which assist clients with laying out an internet based personality. It makes sites on stages like ASP, Net, and PHP. A portion of the highlights its administrations incorporate are cloud-based improvement, eCommerce stores, and SaaS applications. The organization likewise gives Google Analytics set-up, site design improvement, web-based entertainment promoting, and site retargeting. LocalClicks Pro has been working beginning around 2014.


With over 10 years of involvement, Mantera works with organizations of all sizes in the Bakersfield metro region. The publicizing organization conducts examination and plans responsive sites that draw in interest groups, are not difficult to utilize and explore, incorporate SEO and copywriting, and are based on adaptable establishments. It additionally alters and changes existing substance in view of client responses. Mantera has insight with site the executives, WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify Plus.

Nail The Web

Nail The Web is a computerized promoting organization that takes care of clients in Bakersfield and the encompassing networks. It offers website composition answers for home administrations and private companies, permitting them to develop their image and online impact. The organization counsels the clients to find out about their business objectives and values to improve the site in light of their necessities. Its created locales permit organizations to oversee live site talk, Facebook messages, and Google My Business collaborations.

Net Connection

Net Connection works with organizations in Bakersfield and the encompassing areas. Its staff plans custom sites and offers site facilitating arrangements. They additionally register spaces for clients and assemble destinations with easy to use content administration frameworks, permitting organizations to make site changes without being proficient about the specialized side. Net Connection’s subject matter experts, who have over sixty years of aggregate insight, have planned sites for organizations in the food, extra, and land businesses.

Sakhi Info Tech

Sakhi Info Tech is a website composition, improvement, SEO, and specialized help organization that has been serving clients in Bakersfield and its encompassing regions for over seven years. The office gives little, medium, and huge associations and undertakings with site advancement administrations, including dynamic and web based business. Its group of laborers creates sites on various stages, like CMS, HTML 5, PHP, and Android. Sakhi Info Tech plans static, business, and custom sites.

Second Star Technologies

Second Star Technologies is a Bakersfield-based organization that essentially serves little and medium organizations in the oil and gas ventures. It offers different front-end and back-end IT administrations, for example, website composition matched with routine support and SEO improvement, establishment of cloud-facilitated adaptations of work programming like Microsoft Excel, and oversaw IT administrations. It additionally helps clients in setting up online protection networks with countermeasures, going from specialty firewalls to interruption discovery equipment. Second Star Technologies has been working beginning around 2011.


Champion is a Bakersfield-based organization that offers administrations to clients in the metro. It gives website composition benefits that help private ventures and new businesses broaden their image’s span on the web. It additionally handles other visual computerization errands, including print, brand, and promoting security designs. Also, the organization uses visual creation methods to advertise the brand across all media, making informative, promotion, and occasion recordings. Organizer Eric Yun has a broad foundation as a web and print originator, picture taker, videographer, and virtual entertainment showcasing expert.


TechX is a website architecture and portable application improvement organization that serves clients in Bakersfield. It plans sites that assist organizations with helping their web-based presence, increment brand mindfulness, and further develop ROI. Its group of fashioners, engineers, and task chiefs utilizes different innovations, like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, and Wix. They likewise give web support and virtual entertainment promoting administrations on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. TechX has been assisting clients with accomplishing their business and computerized showcasing objectives beginning around 2015.

The Marcom Group

The Marcom Group works with agrarian, B2B, and institutional clients to plan powerful sites and make steady marking. Utilizing WordPress, the organization makes locales in view of client subjects and coordinates online business and correspondence parts for client commitment. Furthermore, it produces visuals including logos and standards to be utilized in greeting pages and messages. The Marcom Group additionally offers non-advanced promoting administrations, for example, announcement configuration, radio publicizing, and video creation.

Monstrous Duck Marketing

With over 10 years of involvement, Ugly Duck Marketing is a web specialist in Bakersfield. It makes custom, responsive, and easy to understand sites, and it offers SEO watchword enhancement and progressing backing, conferences, and illustrations. Moreover, the office helps with content movement and limitless copywriting and updates. Appalling Duck Marketing’s different administrations incorporate custom programming, UI/UX, imaginative, site upkeep and updates, and web advancement. It gives client care and month to month examination and reports.

Vidor Designs

For more than 10 years, Vidor Designs has helped organizations close to Bakersfield with website composition and web showcasing. The firm consolidates suggestions to take action in site text to further develop changes and chooses fitting substance to satisfy request holes and draw natural traffic. It likewise utilizes conduct understanding and guest following advancements to distinguish areas of interest where data might be conveyed. While planning locales, the office integrates visuals to impart client marking and market situating.

Vox Web Studios

Vox Web Studios gives computerized answers for people and organizations in Bakersfield and close by areas. It offers different website composition and creation bundles to take care of clients’ interesting requirements. The SME site plan incorporates 10 versatile viable pages, three standard plans, five stock pictures, and telephone and talk support. Furthermore, its corporate site bundle incorporates a contact structure and development of up to 20 pages. Vox Web Studios works with organizations in more than 40 ventures, including correspondence, designing, protection, music, and workmanship.

Web Truce

Web Truce is a Bakersfield-based office that assists organizations in the metro and close by regions with developing their image and arrive at their objective business sectors by giving different website composition and improvement administrations. These incorporate HTML and CSS improvement, UI/UX configuration, content turn of events and advertising, blog plan and RSS mix, and site support. The organization likewise offers SEO, catchphrase research, and eCommerce site and custom application improvement administrations. Web Truce began serving clients in 2015.

Willis Design Studios

Established in 1979, Willis Design Studios gives web architecture administrations in Bakersfield. The plan group makes drawing in, easy to use, and utilitarian sites. The organization offers print configuration administrations, including creating logos and boards. It additionally helps clients with advanced showcasing administrations across different online entertainment stages. Outside signage administrations assist brands with publicizing their items and administrations. Business photography administrations are accessible to firms with corporate occasions. Willis Design Studios has worked with Bakersfield Track Club, Silver Wings Commerce Center, and Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra.

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