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Bahria town liberty tower Islamabad


With the newest Liberty Tower, Zem Builders outdid themselves. This time, it’ll be in Islamabad. It’s the ideal investment option for potential residents and companies wishing to either settle down for good or expect high revenue-generating commercial stores and corporate offices at inexpensive prices, since it spans 4 kanals of land.

The installation of the botanical garden flats is the most significant USP. Spectacular apartments include breath-taking panoramic views that encourage an eco-friendly lifestyle while maintaining the desire to live in luxury. You may also like to learn about the Silver City Islamabad.

If you choose to reside or conduct business in Liberty Tower Islamabad, you will receive an unparalleled extra unit as a guaranteed return on investment.

Location of the Liberty Tower in Bahria Islamabad:

In prominent towns like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Nawabshah, and Lahore, Bahria Town is a bustling site that stands out as a megaproject.

The elegant Liberty Tower is located in Bahria Town’s Phase 8, just across from the Statue of Liberty. The excellent site is unique in that it provides easy access to both residential and non-residential projects.

  • Accessible 17 minutes from the National Highway, 20 minutes from Morgah Road, and 27 minutes from the Islamabad Expressway
  • Kallar Syedan Road is 30 minutes away by car.
  • Range Road is 34 minutes away, while Dhamial Road is 35 minutes away.


Because the project is still in the planning stages, the Capital Development Authority has yet to grant the No Objection Certificate (NOC) (CDA). Approval is expected soon, allowing the project to be completed on time. Get the idea from Eighteen Islamabad.

Dates to Remember:

The Liberty Tower Islamabad project began in December 2019 and is scheduled for completion in June 2022.


Zem Builders is in charge of the impressively ultra-modern residential and commercial project. They are well-known throughout Pakistan for completing great projects in a timely manner.

The Liberty Tower apartments are a cutting-edge infrastructure design that entices residents to purchase an apartment or a business space on the site. Zem Builder created a project that meets the needs of both investors and customers.

Project Plan for Liberty Town Bahria Islamabad:

The project is erected over a 4-kanal area in Bahria Town, Islamabad, and offers retail outlets, elegant apartments, penthouses, and corporate offices.

The Liberty Tower Islamabad floor plan comprises the following features:

There are 28 stores in all.

There are 14 corporate offices.

55 luxurious apartments

A luxurious penthouse.

Shops for Sale:

The commercial establishments are located on two levels.

Commercial stores on the lower ground and ground floors of the Liberty Tower contain the following features:

System of fire protection

Outside, there is a clear view.

Spacious construction design

Exceptional return on investment

Service of upkeep

Surveillance cams

Shops that are visible from the street

Corporate Headquarters:

The following are some of the most notable aspects of Liberty Tower Bahria Town:

Backup power

Stairwell for emergency exit

Service for glass and freight lifts

Flooring of exceptional quality

Passages that are wide

Offices with plenty of space

Apartments in the Liberty Tower:

The following are the Tower’s standard apartments:

Apartments with one bedroom

Apartments with two bedrooms (with two varieties of Botanical Garden or Swimming Pool)

Apartments with studios


Documents that are valid:

Make sure you have all of the necessary documentation before going to the office. Inquire about the CDA’s authorised NOC for apartment construction. The developers place a high priority on customer satisfaction so that they may make an educated decision about purchasing the home.

Three key elements of interest are necessary for booking;

A deposit is required.

a copy of your CNIC Passport photo

Concerns about money:

To avoid future instalment problems, make sure you have enough funds to complete the ultimate purchase; otherwise, you may have acquisition troubles later.

Inspection of the Site:

Customers are allowed to inspect the property they are considering purchasing. This eliminates any uncertainty regarding the property’s specifics and payment schedule. Customers can make an educated, sensible decision about the sort of property they wish to purchase.

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