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The most exciting desert safari tour:

Dubai’s exciting fun activities attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. However, among all the entertainment options Dubai has to offer, there is one activity that will always be at home: the Dubai Desert Safari.

If you haven’t experienced a desert safari in Dubai – don’t worry, here’s an overview of what it’s all about. We also cover the top desert safari companies in Dubai that are guaranteed to give you the best experience.

Dubai Desert Safari:

If you want to know more about the most exciting desert safari tour experience in Dubai this is what I want

Because Dubai is located in the heart of the Arabian Desert. It’s the perfect place to experience a desert safari. Dubai desert safari tour is a fun adventure.

where you can experience the thrill of sailing on a dune in the desert and enjoy live entertainment and delicious food.

Highly recommend desert safaris in Dubai. Want to know more about Emirati traditions? You must dress in traditional attire and indulge in the most delicious Arabic food.

Rest assured that all operators and safari operators must comply with COVID-19 prevention guidelines. So you can plan your adventures without any worries.

About what you can do during your Dubai desert trip:

smash the dunes
quad bike
skiing on dunes
Enjoy live music, fire shows, Tanoura dancing, and belly dancing.
Henna paint for women
Take a picture with the glorious Arabian Falcon
Enjoy the buffet
Now you know what happens in a Desert safari tour operator. Let’s take a look at the different tour operators. that offer the best desert safari experience in Dubai

Desert Safari Deals for AED 300+
There are several highly rated desert safari companies in Dubai. which you can contact to book a Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Desert Safari Travel Team:

Desert Safari travel Team Tourism is next on our list of the best desert safari companies in Dubai. They are known for their wide range of excursion services that include outdoor activities packages such as city tours, dhow cruises, and, of course, desert safaris and camping visits.

Desert Safari travel Team Tourism desert safari packages include morning and evening safaris. as well as an extreme adventure safari that will give you an exciting and authentic experience in the Arabian Desert.

You can experience camel riding. Henna painting and riding a dune buggy and quad bikes depend on the selected safari package.

People searching for the best luxury desert safari tours in Dubai. This includes premium services such as camper transfers and optional Sheesha services.

What activities are included in the Desert Safari Tour?

Desert safari tours offer exciting activities that will surely make your day better.

Desert safari trips include Dune Bashing “Rough ride in the desert” at Red Dunes, camel rides, horseback riding, sandboarding, belly dancing, Tanura dancing, fire shows, and hen tattoos. tasty and delicious BBQ dinner “Vegetarian, non-vegetarian and Jain food on demand.”

as well as welcome drinks, tea, coffee, and sweets. You can also book some additional activities such as a self-drive dune buggy with our guided safari and quad bike.

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