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What are confirmat screws?

Confirmat screws might be something that you have heard of, but you did not pay too much of your attention to it. Confirmats are screws that are mostly used to join various elements of the furniture together. The connection they give to separated parts of your furniture guarantees a stable and firm construction without a doubt. You can find them in many sizes, so that you can get the results you need.

What is the purpose of confirmat screws?

The main purpose of confirmat type of screws is to connect the two, separated parts of your furniture together – it is commonly used for desks, drawers or simple cabinets. The bond they can assure your furniture with is rock-hard, strong and very durable. The whole construction will be really difficult to damage or destroy – and this is probably why so many people go for confirmat screws nowadays. The connection is exceedingly rigid and definitely worth the money and time spent on installing it.

What are confirmats usually made of?

The confirmat screws have to endure a lot if they want to work on the highest level for you and this is not a tough task because of the materials they are usually made of. Normally, the main production material is steel, and it is mostly combined with other alloys like zinc, aluminum or nickel. Those materials can ensure the confirmats with the strength they need to carry the task of connecting and holding the parts of the certain furniture together.

Are confirmats better than regular screws?

This is a question that you might be asking yourself now, after reading previous subtitles. So, are confrimat screws better than regular screws? Like everything else, every screw has its own purpose. Confirmats are generally made for connecting wooden furniture like desks, drawers, cabinets, or even bookcases. They are an incredible fastener – they have a good holding power, and thanks to that your whole construction will be steady and strong.

Are confirmat screws worth your attention?

Well, in general, confirmats are really a product that is worth attention. They give the best connection. It is powerful and solid, and thanks to that, you do not have to worry about your furniture. If you fasten everything correctly, there is no way of it breaking down. Once you use a confirmat screw, you will not want to go back to regular screws anymore. Also, confirmat screws have been designed to be removable – and you can install them again if you want to. This is something that may be useful in many cases, and you can always have a chance to save some money later on due to this advantage.

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