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Top 8 Pakistani technology blog 2022

We all are living in a world of technology and the internet. We all revolve around technology and interest-based in technology. We wake up; we interact with the use of technology, sit around, use technology, move from one place to another, and choose technology. Technical Support has taken over human life. The world is growing day by day in terms of technology. To maintain the commitment of all the people from little interest to great bigger deals, we all seek help from technology. We see so many blogs on the internet based on food, function, lifestyle, fashion, and whatnot. As all is available, online technology blogs are also on the internet. There are so many websites that provide various information about technology, downloading, and many other assets. We are here with the top 8 Pakistani technology blogs to keep you all updated.

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Pro Pakistani

 Pro Pakistani is a technology-based website that was organized in 2008. The website produces exclusive and helpful material which are related to technology. It focuses primarily on the new and improved technology. Pro Pakistani is a tech blog that will let you know about all the information and knowledge about what is going on. For catching up on the newest news, you can follow their social media platforms or their tech blog. They recently created so many blogs on different topics that they have written a blog about digital Pakistan. In that blog, they have written each and everything about how they can be connected. Get the idea from, this technology blog of Pakistan.

Pak wired

Pak wired is another Pakistani tech blog. It was made in the year 2014. It was first known as the brainchild of Mr. Hassan Saleem, is Pakistani entrepreneur. He is also recognized as boss of the online business sector after he had built up a successful business enterprise. The primary work of pak wired tech blogs is to help out all the people regarding the use of gadgets. It provides information from the most important working tools to the tools we use every day. Their thought process is to teach and help people and build up the spirit of making their business better every day.

Be Pakistani

It is a tech blog that is now leading innovative media. It is specifically dedicated to promoting a new and small business in Pakistan. Starting with bitcoin and going towards all new technologies. It also keeps updated about all the rising prices through its blog. It is recognized as among the most popular blogs of Pakistan as it covers all the news in touch with new startups.

Daily Pakistan 

This blog covers all the news & information about Pakistan’s local and international affairs and keeps you informed and updated all the time.

The Patriot

The patriot blog covers a wide range of information and issues, which keep all the audience informed and updated about what is going around.

Inside Paktech

In 2011, it has built recognition for giving out all the original and relative information on various topics, including most tech, education, telecom, fashion, sports, and news. This blog site is now the most trusted source.

Tech Mag

Tech mag is known as the only IT telecom blog. It covers the niche of rising enterprises and the latest invention. It also emphasizes business and promotes technology among all. As a result of their focus, which provides statistical data, mechanical and inventive industries have grown. They always keep their audience updated with mobile software and gadgets.

Social media buzz

It focused on all businesses to establish and be manageable with social media accounts. Trending socially gives all the charm to businesses of all sizes.


In last words, tech blogs are beneficial in today’s world of technology and interests. We have mentioned the top 8 tech Pakistani blogs above, which provide information and knowledge from small businesses to large industries, entrepreneurs, and whatnot. They keep their audience updated with all the latest news and help, which can grow their businesses and trend them socially. These blogs are also based on specific topics.

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