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Benefits of Reiki for Pain Management

Chronic or acute, may negatively impact the quality of our lives in many ways. It can cause anxiety, make it more difficult to sleep or rest, affect mood, reduce mobility and performance and can increase anxiety. Chronic pain may also contribute to depression as well as other mental health problems.

Treatment for pain, though useful for many but can cause side effects that can range from unfavorable to potentially dangerous. This is one reason why non-pharmaceutical therapies to manage pain are gaining popularity. Reiki is one of the treatments for managing pain, but it doesn’t require surgery or medication.

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What exactly is Reiki?

The practice of Reiki can be described as an alternative healing technique that originated in ancient Japan. It’s also known as biofield. Reiki is a form of healing that is channeled through the Reiki therapist, also known as the healer or practitioner, to the patient with the aim of relieving stress, pain, and fatigue, while also enhancing energy. The idea of Reiki is the fact that it creates an energetic channel that connects the practitioner with the patient, allowing energy healing can take place and restore the patient physically and mentally.

Reiki practitioners utilize their hands to transmit energy or by moving their hands over the body and not touching or gently contact with the body. This non-contact or low-touch therapy has substantial benefits, with minimal to any negative side effects.

The emotional component of the pain

It’s not just an issue of physical. There’s an emotional component of pain that cannot be overlooked. If people can take care to address the emotional aspect that pain brings, they may aid in increasing pain tolerance and decrease the perception of pain. The Journal Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine (AAEM) published an article entitled “Psychological Aspect of Pain.” The authors discovered that there is a strong connection between depression and symptoms of pain and also between suicidal ideas. They concluded that patients suffering from long-term pain are more likely to experience increased levels of depression and anxiety and there’s an opposite relationship: people who are more anxious and depressed may experience an increase in the number of pain issues.

It is sometimes difficult to tell if chronic pain causes mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, or if depression and anxiety can cause more pain (or each). There is, however, a correlation. Research has also proven that dealing with the mental and emotional aspects of pain may have a an impact on the perception of pain as well as the ability to tolerate discomfort.

What can Reiki assist in decreasing the perception of pain?

Reiki could help to reduce pain by addressing the emotional side of pain. Reiki is designed to ease emotional pain by allowing healing energy to move freely across the body. This can result in relaxation and decreased tension and pain throughout the body. It also helps reduce anxiety and stress. It may reduce the perception of pain and also reduce pain perception.

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Research has proven the efficacy of Reiki for pain relief.

International Journal of Behavioral Medicine published an article in which they reviewed the results of 66 clinical trials on biofield treatments, like Reiki. Julie Kusiak, MA is a Reiki practitioner at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, and is part of the department of integrative medicine. She spoke about the article, stating that a review of various studies found strong evidence that biofield therapy can reduce the intensity of pain. Kusiak added the review of 24 studies that showed the use of touch therapies to reduce pain. The therapy with the greatest success was Reiki.

Kusiak stated that these studies demonstrated that Reiki treatments reduced pain and anxiety, diminished fatigue, enhanced the quality of life, and helped decrease depression among people who undergo different medical procedures, such as:

  • Colonoscopy
  • Abdominal Hysterectomy
  • Treatment for cancer

One of the advantages to Reiki is the fact that it can be done on patients who are in serious pain and are unable to touch or take the touch.

Pain Management at Beaumont

The Beaumont Centers for Pain Medicine use modern technologies and procedures for managing pain to assist patients suffering from all types of pain. We offer holistic treatments, customized to meet every individual’s specific needs in managing pain. Making use of the latest technologies and frequently incorporating alternative therapies and physical therapy into our programs to manage pain We offer treatments to decrease the severity of pain, increase the quality of life and improve physical performance.

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If you’re suffering from any kind of pain, we’ll assist. Our specialists in pain management at Beaumont will provide the highest level of holistic medical care.

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