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Fremont apartments for rent are a great option

Fremont apartments for rent are a great option for those who want to visit the Seattle area without having to spend an arm and a leg.

With almost 100,000 people living in the metropolitan city of Seattle alone, the need for affordable housing is huge. Luckily, there are many places where you can live in Fremont while still being able to afford to go out and explore.

One such place is The Lofts at 2nd Avenue North. Located in the heart of downtown Fremont, this Mountain View property is sure to please those who have a desire to live in the city but are forced to live outside its high-rises.

The Lofts at 2nd Avenue North is home to 76 one, two and three bedroom apartments, with each unit ranging from 1,100 square feet. There are 15 studios as well as three one bedroom units available for rent. The studios range in price from $1,200 to $1,900 per month and the one bedrooms are $2,000 to $2,900.

And if the thought of living in Fremont has you feeling nervous or unsure of yourself, there’s no need. The Lofts at 2nd Avenue North provides furnished apartments for those who don’t have much in the way of furniture.

Apartment is furnished

Each apartment is furnished with a bed, table and chair, refrigerator and stove, wardrobe, TV and shelving. There will also be a laptop for the tenant to use at no cost to them.

The Lofts at 2nd Avenue North is located just off I-5 on the east side of town. The property is close to local grocery stores as well as two major pharmacies. In terms of amenities in the neighborhood, there’s an excellent Safeway supermarket and Fred Meyer drugstore within walking distance.

The property is also close to the Rose Garden arena and Seattle Center, which is home to the Space Needle and EMP, along with several theaters and exhibit halls.

For those who want to get back out quickly, there are two bus stops near the property as well as access to Interstate 5.

The property is close to South Lake Union and the Pacific Northwest Ballet. It’s also close to the Seattle Center, which is home to a number of theaters, art exhibits and more.

Plus, The Lofts at 2nd Avenue North is two blocks away from Safeway and Fred Meyer supermarkets.

Those who rent apartments in Fremont can expect 24-hour security with surveillance cameras on every corner. The property is also pet friendly and the lease is month-to-month.

Maintain a comfortable and easily accessible seating area:

In a place like Fremont apartments for rent, you will be expected to have your own furniture so that it helps you maintain a comfortable and easily accessible seating area. Depending on the kind of apartment you are staying in, it is important to make sure you have decided on the best furniture that can fit in with the overall theme of the building. The furniture should be such that it leaves enough space for different activities around the living room and chill areas so that it does not look as if there is too much stuff on your floor.

Pets are also a big deal in Fremont apartments for rent as pet owners will be able to take their fur babies with them while they are living in the city. There are plenty of open-air parks and apartment buildings where pets can be rented from.

How much does it cost to live in Fremont?

Living in Fremont is not only affordable, but it is also very pocket friendly. Apartments in Fremont for rent are available for prices that are about as low as you can get. Apartments in Fremont start from as little as $100 per month, which is a lot of money when it comes to paying bills and most of the families will keep looking for ways on how they can save money.

Even if you make the most of your budget, many apartments will do the same. They are going to provide services like garbage pickup and cable services, too. While there might be a certain limit to the cable services, it will still be well within your budget.

Fremont apartments for rent are no doubt the kind of place where you can settle down and have a great time with your family. They are very clean and you will always have access to all the basic amenities that you require as an individual.

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