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Everything you need to know about the PDQ machine

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PDQ machines are the perfect solution for your company to take card payments. They not only make it easier for clients to pay for goods and services, but they also eliminate fraud and cash handling. But choosing a cheap PDQ machine that suits your business can be difficult. Before choosing one, you need to know a few things about PDQ machines.

The amount of payment methods available to the typical customer has increased dramatically in recent years, whether it’s a card, contactless, or smartphone. Technology advances quickly and employing a card machine for small business enables them to accept a wide range of payment solutions quickly and securely.

This blog will explain what a PDQ machine is, what it means for payments, and what types of PDQ machines are available. In addition, we’ll discuss the types of payment methods that PDQ terminals accept, and how to choose the right PDQ equipment for your business.

What is a PDQ machine?

PDQ is an abbreviation meaning “Process Data Quickly.” It was the initial term given to card machines when they were originally introduced to the UK, and it is still used by certain individuals today. In truth, a PDQ machine is a catch-all name for any device that accepts credit or debit card payments. Card machines, card readers, and Chip and PIN devices are all classified as PDQ machines because they all serve the same function: card payment processing.

How does a PDQ machine work?

A PDQ machine allows you to accept payments in two ways:

  • Chip & PIN
  • Contactless

The procedure is simple and similar for both sorts of payments. As soon as a customer taps the machine or inserts their card into the slot and enters their PIN, the machine authorizes the payment and sends it to your merchant account (if the customer has sufficient funds in their account).

Different types of PDQ machines

There are three types of PDQ machines: Countertop PDQ machines, Portable PDQ machines, and Mobile PDQ machines. Each of these types is beneficial to different types of businesses. To know which type of PDQ machine you need you must know and study each category of PDQ machine in detail.

Countertop PDQ machine

When anyone hears the words “Chip and PIN payment,” the first thing that comes to mind is a countertop PDQ machine. It is the conventional static machine that can be found at counter next to the till in most retail stores. If your clients expect to pay in the same location each time they visit, whether it’s a till, sales desk, or counter, a fixed countertop PDQ machine is the best option.

The countertop PDQ machine will use direct IP or PSTN feed to easily connect with the terminal connecting to the desired merchant bank immediately. Most countertop PDQ machines are contactless equipped, and countertop PDQ machines will accept quick card payments. It also provides a rapid connection for process chip and pin transactions. Since countertop PDQ machine is hardwired to a connection, they reduce the possibility of downtime. A countertop PDQ machine positioned on the till will also give clients a professional impression of the store.

Portable PDQ machine

A portable PDQ machine is one that can be transported throughout the store while communicating with a home base unit using Bluetooth technology. A portable PDQ machine increases the flexibility and convenience of a merchant. At the same time, several units can be used, which allows employees to accept payments anywhere within the store. This type of PDQ machine is most suitable for a bar or restaurant, where wait staff members bring the PDQ machine to the table for consumers to pay. However, the technology is increasingly being used in retail settings to increase flexibility and cut client wait times.  

The main benefit of the portable PDQ machine is its speed. This is because payments can be processed anywhere in the store, not just at the checkout counter. This coverage can result in shorter total lines, higher sales per unit of time, and happy customers. The device accepts both contactless and instant payments. Portable PDQ machines are also useful for shows and events where portability of payment devices is required. Portable PDQ devices provide flexibility inside a firm when a connection at the point of sale is not always available.

Mobile PDQ machines

The mobile version of the PDQ machine is the most recent iteration. This is a PDQ terminal that can accept card payments in any location with access to Wi-Fi data service or mobile data service. This is especially handy for retailers and traders that wander from market to market selling their wares, as well as pop-up food and drink places. Furthermore, mobile card reader function similarly to mobile phones, employing 3G technology to connect to the strongest GPRS signal available in your region via a sim card. Most mobile PDQ machines have a long battery life span that will last you all day, so you won’t have to worry about it dying on you in an emergency. By using mobile PDQ equipment, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable POS device.

Mobile PDQ devices are becoming increasingly common because of their capacity to securely process payments anywhere at any time. Since they are portable, you can take your checkout counter with you everywhere you go.

How to find the PDQ machine that suits your business?

Choosing a PDQ machine won’t be as challenging now that you know more about what they are, what they do, and the various available models. Before purchasing a PDQ machine, you should consider your available budget. A machine that fits inside your budget should be the one you select. It is important to consider both the initial cost of the PDQ machine and any ongoing expenses as well as the possible return on investment from higher sales and efficiency.

Consider the unique requirements of your company, such as the number of sales, industry, and needs for payment processing. In this way, you will be able to identify the features and type of PDQ machine you need. Take the time to learn about the various PDQ machines available on the market, their features, and their prices. Then, read reviews and weigh your options to determine which is best for your company. Make sure the supplier you pick for your PDQ equipment is credible. Ensure that the company you choose has excellent customer service, dependable hardware, and a secure payment system.

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