Taking Care Of Dabwoods Vapes
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Taking Care Of Dabwoods Vapes: Vaping Tips

Vaping has become increasingly popular in Ireland as a lot of people are changing their traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, including vaping. However, due to this growth, most users are buying products for vaping without being aware of how to ensure they run efficiently, which is why we can assist.

As part of our series on vaping device maintenance and care tips, we’ll review essential strategies to extend the longevity and optimize the performance of vaping devices such as Dabwoods pens. Proper care and maintenance are paramount in maintaining an enjoyable vaping experience, from classic Dabwoods pens to flavor-infused vape cartridges such as Dabwoods Runtz 33 or Dabwoods Pineapple Kush cartridges.

Here are some tips on care and maintenance so that your device has a long lifespan and also runs smoothly and without problems.

Clean the tank and empty it.

Your vape tank is among the most vital components of all electronic cigarettes since it’s the most important place in which the e-liquid is stored until it can evaporate the user. This is why they can become extremely filthy, sticky, and possibly dangerous if your e-cigarette tank is cleaned and maintained for a short time. It also affects the overall experience of vaping and flavor quality.

As we explore essential tips for maintaining and optimizing the performance of Dabwoods vapes, including popular models like Dabwoods SFV OG, Dabwoods Runtz 23, and Dabwoods x Runtz #23, we will delve into their care and maintenance requirements in detail. To keep them in great condition, it’s vital that cartridges are regularly cleaned, stored away in cool, dry places, and charged only when necessary to avoid overcharging batteries.

Replace the coil every few days.

If you’re unaware, your vape’s coil is among the primary elements used to heat the liquid in your vape – ultimately, it will turn into vapor to allow it to be taken in. Therefore, the coil should be maintained regularly, even especially if you start to notice evident signs like tasting burning and unpleasant flavor.

Unfortunately, cleaning the vape coil is not feasible, so you must change it as soon as you can. For a regular vape pen, this is an easy and straightforward procedure since you only need to remove the old coil once you’ve unbolted the atomizer head. Then, you fit the brand-new body. It is advised not to start using the device immediately; instead, let the liquid sit in the wick to prevent burning.

Refrain from filling the e-liquid.

If you’re using a vaporizer with a take system, ensure you don’t overfill, nor should you fill the tank too low with vaporizer juice. Filling the tank to overflow risks liquid from leaking out of the vape. This could cause further damage to the tank and affect the vaporization experience. 

In addition, in running the tank at a low level of e-liquid, you’re in danger of running your vape dry, making it ineffective for it to pull liquid and also causing an unpleasant flavor by burning your vape’s coil.

Make sure you check your battery frequently.

If your battery isn’t powering your electronic cigarette, it’s almost impossible for your device to function. This is why it’s essential to take good care of the battery. A damaged battery terminal could negatively impact the efficiency of the device, causing the link between your battery and capsule to be impeded. One of the main reasons for this is that liquid leaks into the battery, another reason not to overfill the tank.

It is also not recommended to let the battery in the vape run completely flat. Otherwise, you could permanently damage the vape’s battery. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to batteries is to protect them from hot temperatures since they can cause further damage that cannot be repaired.

Avoid over-tightening vape parts

If you’ve dismantled the vape to clean it, refill the vape juice, or replace components, it is important to avoid overtightening the parts too much. Of course, we would like all the components that make up the vape securely secured, but overtightening them could cause irreparable damage, including stripping the threading, which makes it difficult for the components to be reassembled.

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