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Can a website rank on Google with quality link building alone?

The present world is all about making it big on the internet. If you are a celebrity, a company, an organisation, or even a chef, you have to win on the internet. The reason? Because 60% of the global population is scrolling the screens now. This is the reason people companies invest in big things like going for best link building services (United Kingdom). But, are backlinks enough for a website’s success? Or are there more things to take care of? We spoke to PLB about it – and it told us that link building is vital but there is much more.

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Things required to make a website rank on Google in 2022!

If had you asked about it in 2010, we’d have told you things like targeting keywords and creating more and more and more backlinks as possible. But we are in web 2.0 now and not 1.0. The search engines have grown smarter than ever and more powerful. Consider MUM update for example. It will be changing the search world in a way we had never expected. Google claims it to be 1000x times stronger than BERT, which was already a giant update.

The whole world is seeing a shift towards betterment. Businesses are going online and so is with the people too. This means that the digital success of a website is what is required at present. And for a website to become successful there are things that need to be done. One thing that companies often do is to go for the best seolink building services (United Kingdom). It helps websites get high-quality DA and PA rich backlinks from niche websites. But it is not enough. There are many things that are required. We’ll be discussing these things now –

1 – Do not ignore Web Design anymore!

Gone are the days when people used to take a website’s design for granted. All that a web design was meant to do was to show the content. Showing the content in what form? What way? What type? It didn’t matter. The reason? Because Google was not considering web design to be a ranking factor back then. And it led to a greater number of issues.

Because web design was not a ranking factor, people focused less on it. There were websites that were slow, websites that had big pop-ups, and websites with no security whatsoever. These poor websites were coming on top of SERP. It led to people getting frustrated with poor quality content being recommended. Furthermore, websites with no security (HTTPS, SSL, etc.) were putting visitors’ data at risk. But it all changed in mid-2021.

Mid 2021 saw a big change in how a web design was to be considered from then on. It had become a direct ranking factor and Google had revealed it. Core Web Vitals had come to rescue the internet. What are Core Web Vitals? Click here to know more about PerfectLinkBuilding, UK, and how it handles web design with care and precision.

These are a set of factors that along with other web vitals decide the overall quality of a website and the page experience. Here is a glimpse at Web Vitals –

  • Core Web Vitals –
    • CLS – how fast do website’s elements load and take their place on the webpage.
    • LCP – how fast does the website load.
    • FID – how fast and efficient are action buttons on the website.
  • Other Web Vitals –
    • Security – HTTPS, SSL, etc.
    • Mobile Friendliness
    • Safe Browsing
    • No Intrusive Interstitials

These web vitals get decided by how efficient the coding has been. No matter if you invest well to hire quality link building services in United Kingdom, your website won’t rank if it will have a poor web design.

2 – SEO has grown and so must you!

If you think that SEO is all about using the right set of keywords and uploading the site map then it is time to correct yourself. Search Engine Optimization works on finding and understanding the content that gets uploaded over the internet. Earlier it was all about using keywords and tags and meta descriptions because the engines were not strong enough. These engines depended upon users to tell it about their content type using the keywords. People started exploiting this weakness to rank higher. But it is not so anymore.

SEO now focuses on many aspects apart from being just around keywords and meta description. Look at any website ranking on the top of SERP now and you’ll notice many things taking a shift. If you want a website to rank in 2022, make sure that you optimise it the right way.

Over optimising does also lead to attracting the wrong customers. This results in a higher bounce rate as visitors will exit immediately when they’ll realise it is not the website they are looking for. Take care of these SEO tips in 2022 –

  • Always create high-quality content that is meant to help people.
  • Do not stuff your content with keywords.
  • Do not over-optimize your anchor texts. It is a spammy tactic.
  • Use high-quality images that are relevant to the content and are sharable. It leads to a high number of backlinks. Use infographics, graphs, and maps where possible. They get shared the most.
  • Correctly optimise your images and other media.
  • Submit the sitemap if you have a new website or a large website.
  • Use API for sitemaps.
  • Take care of internal linking. They do matter much more than you think.
  • Use narrative techniques to convey your idea in an engaging way.
  • Work on Google Passage Ranking.
  • Use schema markups.

3 – The quality of Backlinks!

Creating high-quality relevant backlinks is the toughest part of the overall digital field. It is very similar to the real world where you excel at knowledge but hold no links with the people out there.

Getting backlinks with high DA and PA scores from niche websites is something that boosts a website’s worth. This is why it gets recommended to look for expert services. When it comes to Best link building servicesuk has many gems in it. PLB is one that has been standing out due to its exceptional expertise. Click here to know more about PerfectLinkBuilding, UK.

Getting backlinks is no more an issue, but getting relevant high-quality backlinks is. It takes years’ worth of effort on one’s end to create a quality network and rank higher. You might want to leave it on the experts if you have the budget. It will save you time, help you rise high faster in this highly competitive world, and earn you revenue timesfold.

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