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Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Beverly Hills

24/7 Legal

24/7 LegalLegal works with people searching for an individual physical issue lawyer. Utilizing its association with north of 20,000 specialist co-ops, the organization can find the right supplier for the clients in light of their neighborhood. It joins clients with individual injury lawyers who address the two respondents and offended parties. These attorneys work with people who experienced mental and actual wounds because of the carelessness of others. Car crash or birth wounds are a portion of the cases they handle. They explore clients in chasing after the remuneration they merit.

Akhavan Law Firm

Akhavan Law Firm has been serving clients in Beverly Hills managing individual injury cases starting around 2018. Edwin Akhavan helps survivors of slips and falls, cruiser, vehicle, and Uber mishaps recuperate remuneration for their accumulated harms. He additionally helps people who supported cerebrum spinal rope wounds in getting compensations for their broad clinical treatment and long haul loss of pay and acquiring potential. Akhavan was named one of The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40 Civil Plaintiff Lawyers.

Balali Law

Balali Law serves individuals of Beverly Hills and the remainder of Southern California. The firm offers lawful help to survivors of individual injury and assists them with acquiring pay for harms like loss of income, clinical costs, and any type of property harm supported. Its lawyers handle slip and fall cases, unjust passings, and mishaps that include vehicles, trucks, and bikes. Mark Balali likewise acknowledges cases from different areas of training, for example, family, land, California state movement, and criminal regulations.

Beverly Hills Attorney Group

Beverly Hills Attorney Group directs clients in the metro in different legitimate issues, like individual injury. Endeavoring to remain by its commitment to white-glove administration, the shop law office handles different legitimate issues from confronting the people in question to contesting claims in court. It handles cases including ridesharing and slip-and-fall mishaps, as well as canine nibbles. Pioneer Krikor Mesrobian by and by works with clients, strolling them through the interaction from taking on a case until the judgment or settlement is gotten.

Craftsman and Zuckerman

Craftsman and Zuckerman is a law office serving Beverly Hills and the encompassing regions. It handles individual injury cases, for example, crosswalk mishaps, clinical misbehavior, canine chomp, incidental suffocating, item responsibility, and attack at a party. Its lawful group assists clients with seeking after pay from insurance agency for their wounds and misfortunes through court portrayal. One of its professionals, John C. Craftsman, is a jury preliminary legal counselor who has been helping people with the gravest circumstances restore their lives for over 20 years.


Settled in Beverley Hills, the Compass Law Group PC is a firm of individual injury preliminary lawyers with workplaces all through California who seek after remuneration for clients harmed by the carelessness of others. The firm regularly handles car crash cases, incorporating wounds supported in Uber and Lyft vehicles. It additionally looks for review for clients whose friends and family experienced improper passing or got extraordinary wounds in inadequately kept up with premises, including work environments and retail locations.

Daneshrad Law PC

Daneshrad Law PC gives legitimate counsel and portrayal to clients in Beverly Hills. It helps people in a wide cluster of individual injury claims, like bike, transport, vehicle, cruiser, and walker mishaps. Its group additionally manages consume wounds, canine chomps, food contamination, premises risk, and slip and fall. It additionally handles cases connected with improper passings. Alan David Daneshrad, the lawyer, is an individual from the American Bar Association. He likewise speaks Farsi, permitting him to take special care of a more extensive scope of clients.

Dordick Law Corporation

Dordick Law Corporation is a common case firm that serves inhabitants of Beverly Hills and the encompassing regions. Its lawyers address casualties of individual injury cases connected with car crashes, development wounds, imperfect items, and other careless demonstrations by another party. Since the company’s opening in 1987, they have won extravagant decisions and settlements against enormous substances. Organizer Gary Dordick is a beneficiary of various honors, remembering the Daily Journal’s Top 30 Plaintiff Lawyers for California for four unique years.

Douglas Pryor Attorney at Law

Douglas Pryor Attorney at Law gives legitimate direction and portrayal to clients in Beverly Hills and the encompassing regions. It handles an extensive variety of individual injury cases, including creature nibbles, car crashes, clinical misbehavior, carelessness, and item obligation. Additionally remembered for its areas of training are business regulation, crime and wrongdoings, land, and illegitimate passings. Douglas Pryor, the establishing lawyer, stays engaged with the local area by giving free conferences to individuals in the American and Japanese people group.

Edward W. Pilot

Edward W. Pilot is a store law office serving Beverly Hills and the close by networks. It addresses people who endured wounds or lost a friend or family member because of vehicle impacts, dangerous premises, and expert carelessness. It dissects current realities of the case to lay out the gatherings obligated for the clients’ wounds and seeks after pay for harms for the offended party’s sake. Moreover, the firm gives help migration matters, including applications for business based visas and naturalization.

Jalilvand Law

Kamelia Jalilvand, pioneer and lead lawyer of Jalilvand Law, is an individual physical issue legal counselor that addresses clients in Beverly Hills and all through Southern California. She is known for her determined portrayal and furious promotion for clients harmed by others’ activities. She courageously conflicts with enormous firms in the event that it implies getting legitimate pay for her clients. Jalilvand Law likewise handles cases, including area and water vehicular mishaps, slips and falls, creature assaults, and item responsibility. The firm was laid out in 2008.

James K. Sadigh Attorney at Law

James K. Sadigh Attorney at Law serves carelessness casualties in Beverly Hills. It handles a variety of individual injury claims, which incorporate slip and fall mishaps, auto crashs, and canine chomps. The lawful office assists offended parties with social occasion proof and document questions against responsible gatherings and insurance agency to get remuneration for monetary and non-financial harms. It additionally works with representatives managing improper end and separation claims. Organizer James Sadigh has been specializing in legal matters for more than thirty years.

Jeffrey S. Pop and Associates

Jeffrey S. Pop and Associates is a law office that has been working in Beverly Hills starting around 1980. It gives legitimate portrayal to people who have been harmed or endured diseases because of immunizations and are looking for remuneration for their misfortunes. Its group handles an extensive variety of immunization wounds including cross over myelitis, Guillain-Barre disorder, and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. The firm helps clients with documenting a case for various kinds of immunizations, for example, meningococcal, lockjaw, and hepatitis A.

Khorshidi Law Firm, APC

Khorshidi Law Firm, APC, is a store individual injury practice in Beverly Hills. Among the cases it handles are auto collisions, slip and falls, development mishaps, canine chomps, and premises responsibility. A forceful litigator, the firm prosecutes the majority of its cases as opposed to agreeing to insurance agency’s settlement offers. Lawyer Omid Korshidi has been rehearsing for over 15 years. He is an individual from the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Regulation Office of David Mamann

The Law Office of David Mamann is a performance practice that serves the requirements of the harmed in the Beverly Hills metro. It addresses clients harmed in vehicular impacts, person on foot versus car crashes, canine nibble circumstances, and slip and fall cases. The firm haggles with insurance agency or goes to court to look for pay for clients’ wounds. David Mamann has been dealing with individual injury regulation matters starting around 1993. He can talk in French, Hebrew, and English.

Regulation Office of F. Anthony Koushan

Regulation Office of F. Anthony Koushan gives lawful portrayal to clients in Beverley Hills and encompassing regions. Koushan is an individual physical issue legal counselor who handles cases connected with vehicle-related, flight, walker, and building site mishaps. He deals with the vital arrangement, examination, and discussion to accomplish just settlements. His training regions additionally incorporate cases connected with improper passings and wounds related with the neurological arrangement of people. Koushan has been a rehearsing lawyer for a considerable length of time.

Regulation Offices of Andy Basseri

Regulation Offices of Andy Basseri centers around safeguarding the freedoms of offended parties in Beverly Hills. It handles various sorts of injury cases, including slip and fall mishaps, improper demise, and creature assaults. The firm likewise addresses people experiencing broken bones and mind and spinal string wounds brought about via vehicle, truck, and bike mishaps. It assists clients with recording questions against to blame gatherings to get pay for hospital expenses and lost compensation. Pioneer Andy Basseri has recuperated a $36.1 million decision in a passerby mishap case.

Regulation Offices of Brian Nelson Los Angeles

The Law Offices of Brian Nelson Los Angeles offers types of assistance to clients in and around Beverly Hills. The firm spotlights on dealing with different kinds of individual injury matters, like premises responsibility, careless security, creature chomps, car crashes, and items obligation. It likewise advocates for clients in threatening behavior, illegitimate passing, and slip and fall cases. Brian Nelson brings over 30 years of preliminary experience. He is an individual from the American Board of Trial Attorneys and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

Regulation Offices Of Ilan N. Rosen Janfaza, A.P.C.

The Law Offices Of Ilan N. Rosen Janfaza, A.P.C., addresses Beverly Hills occupants in an assortment of individual injury matters. It helps clients engaged with questions emerging from mishaps, like slips and falls. The firm additionally deals with blood sucker injury cases that happen in business properties like lofts, inns, and lodgings. Clients can plan an arrangement through the association’s site. They can likewise pose inquiries about legitimate issues that were not examined on the site.

Regulation Offices of M. Azhar Asadi

Regulation Offices of M. Azhar Asadi offers types of assistance to people and private ventures in the Beverly Hills metro and the encompassing regions. It offers legitimate counsel and portrayal to clients who have been harmed because of someone else or substance’s carelessness. A portion of the individual injury cases it handles are car collisions, clinical misbehaviors, and slips and falls. It additionally chips away at claims connected with property regulation. The firm has been practically speaking for over 10 years.

Regulation Offices of Payam Y. Poursalimi, APC

The Law Offices of Payam Y. Poursalimi, APC, serves clients in the Beverly Hills region. It furnishes legitimate portrayals to those managing essentially center around private injury cases, like uninsured driver mishaps, development mishaps, item responsibility, unfair demise, and removal injury. He is likewise knowledgeable about the areas of criminal protection. The firm has settled a sum of $150 million in its cases. Its main attorney, Payam Poursalimi, has more than 22 years of lawful experience.

Levian Law

Levian Law handles work and individual injury matters in Beverly Hills. The firm addresses casualties in different cases, including engine vehicle mishaps, improper demise, premises risk, and disastrous wounds. Its attorneys, drove by organizer K. Kevin Levian, help clients in documenting claims, arranging settlements, and getting ready bodies of evidence against insurance agency and huge organizations. Levian laid out the firm in 2008 and serves on the Board of Directors of LEV Foundation, a charitable aiding the young.

Lipton Legal Group, APC

Lipton Legal Group, APC, is a full-administration law office serving clients in Beverly Hills and the encompassing regions. It handles an assortment of individual injury cases including engine vehicle and passerby mishaps. It assists casualties with acquiring money related remuneration for the monetary, close to home, and property harms they experienced because of someone else’s carelessness. Its group likewise rehearses business and land regulation. Kevin Lipton, the company’s organizer and president, has experience working in the land and deals industry during graduate school.

Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney

Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney is an individual physical issue law office serving clients in Beverly Hills. It assists clients who with having supported wounds because of the carelessness of others in looking for pay for clinical consumptions and lost compensation. The strong handles an assortment of individual injury cases, including auto collisions, plane mishaps, and walker mishaps. Lawyer George Chakmakis has been taking care of individual injury and unjust demise cases for north of 28 years. He acquired insight in private injury guard while working at Gilbert Kelley Crowley and Jennett.

MKS Injury Law Group

MKS Injury Law Group gives the legitimate necessities of individuals all through the Beverly Hills metro and all through California. The firm ordinarily handles car collision cases, incorporating wounds supported in Uber and Lyft vehicles. It addresses exclusively individual clients in private injury claims, including different mishap claims. Its group of lawyers endeavors to handle each case while making a key and forceful move to quickly accomplish most extreme remuneration for its clients. Its foremost legal counselor, Michael Saghian, is knowledgeable about dealing with huge number of injury cases. The firm likewise offers 24-hour help.

Nabi Law

Nabi Law gives collaborators to clients dwelling in and around Beverly Hills. It offers portrayal for clients with individual injury claims, including bike and auto crashes, canine chomps, Uber and Lyft setbacks, and walker losses. It additionally handles instances of older maltreatment, like nursing home disregard. The firm assists casualties with acquiring settlements for the harm. A previous client lauded Nabi Law’s group for aiding her set up clinical arrangements following a mishap.

Omega Law Group, PC

Omega Law Group, PC., is a law office that centers solely around assisting survivors of carelessness with getting fair pay and great results for their cases. Its legal counselors handle an extensive variety of individual injury and unjust demise cases, including car collisions, inebriated driving mishaps, walker mishaps, bird bike mishaps, and development mishaps. Different cases the confident handles incorporate canine chomps and creature assaults, premise risk, and item responsibility. Laid out in 2012, the firm serves clients in Beverly Hills and the encompassing networks.

Pathway Law Firm

Pathway Law Firm gives legitimate advice to clients harmed because of the carelessness of others in Beverly Hills and all through the encompassing areas. Establishing lawyer and overseeing accomplice Joe Nazarian focuses on assisting clients with individual injury cases, especially on managing insurance agency during the case interaction. The issues the strong handles incorporate devastating wounds, slip and fall mishaps, development mishaps, vehicle mishaps, and improper passing. The firm takes special care of both English and Spanish-talking clients.

Perlmutter and Pourshalimi Attorneys at Law

Perlmutter and Pourshalimi Attorneys at Law, situated in Beverly Hills, addresses individuals of the local area who have been harmed in a mishap. Its lawyers help people who have been injured in vehicle, truck, cruiser, and train mishaps because of the carelessness of to blame gatherings. They endeavor to get fair pay for clients whose bodies, wellbeing, and property were hurt. They additionally handle cases including hazardous premises, released canine nibbles, or senior maltreatment. Accomplices David Pourshalimi and Ben Perlmutter are both previous criminal investigators.

Pollard Bailey

Pollard Bailey is a store law office in Beverly Hills that addresses casualties of wounds supported in common, rideshare, flight, or development mishaps. Its lawyers look for the greatest measure of remuneration to take care of clinical expenses and lost compensation. Its group additionally handles cases including hazardous medications, careless security, and flawed clinical gadgets. The legal counselors keep a caseload to offer involved types of assistance and ordinary updates to every client. Dylan Pollard, an accomplice, is likewise confessed to rehearse in Nevada and Georgia.

Rafii and Associates, P.C.

Rafii and Associates, P.C. looks for equity for people and families for wounds brought about by the carelessness of others. Its attorneys address clients in three principal areas of individual injury regulation, which are vehicle-related cases, other casualty and individual wounds, and work claims. These regions cover fender benders, work environment mishaps, and canine nibbles or creature assaults. With over hundred years of aggregate insight, Rafii and Associates, P.C. serves clients in Beverly Hills and the adjoining networks.

Saeedian Law Group

Saeedian Law Group offers to guide and address clients in Beverly Hills looking to record individual injury claims. It handles instances of canine chomps, improper demise, and vehicular mishaps including transports, vehicles, and trucks, as well as common and Lyft or Uber traveler wounds. The organization likewise handles property risk cases for clients like inhabitants, visitors, representatives, and clients, as well as item responsibility cases including blemished or hazardous gadgets, substances, vehicles, sedates, and toys.

Sahar Malek Law, APC

Sahar Malek Law, APC, serves clients all through Beverly Hills and its encompassing regions. It offers lawful portrayal for a wide assortment of individual injury matters, including cases that include vehicle, bike, and truck mishaps, slips and falls, and improper passing. It likewise manages lemon regulation cases, helping clients in acquiring repayments for their imperfect vehicles. The firm additionally delivers its lawful administrations in Spanish and Farsi. Sahar Malek, head of the firm, is a litigator with intervention testaments from Orange County Human Relations.


Shoop is an expert regulation enterprise that handles mind boggling and high-stakes cases. Headed by pioneer David Shoop, the firm addresses Beverly Hills harmed clients in issues including item reviews, devastating consumes, class activity suits, and modern mishaps. It additionally helps families who lost individuals because of the carelessness of others or inadequate items. Shoop has won a sum of $200 million in settlements and decisions and is an individual from the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

The Goel Firm P.C.

The Goel Firm P.C. safeguards the freedoms of people and families all through Beverly Hills. It addresses clients in different individual injury claims, for example, those because of risky premises, canine chomps, and auto and bike mishaps. It assists harmed casualties with getting remuneration from to blame gatherings for reformatory harms, clinical costs, agony and enduring, and lost compensation. Other practice regions incorporate laborers’ remuneration and business regulation. Sami Goel, the association’s organizer, was allowed enrollment in the Traynor Honor Society for his scholarly greatness in graduate school.

The Mines Law Firm

The Mines Law Firm offers legitimate portrayal and help to people and families all through the Greater Beverly Hills metro. It helps people harmed in vehicle, boat, bike, truck, journey boat, and person on foot mishaps acquire pay for their clinical costs, decreased profit, mental trouble, and restoration. Jasmine A. Mines, the essential lawyer, tracks down clinical experts to help her clients with their wounds. She has an expansive foundation in general wellbeing and furthermore takes on cases including criminal regulation and improper passing.

Tofer and Associates

Tofer and Associates is a group of individual injury lawyers that battle for the privileges of survivors of carelessness in Beverly Hills and the remainder of the state. The firm guidance clients on an extensive variety of individual injury cases, for example, vehicular mishaps, slip and fall, canine chomps, premise responsibility, and unjust passing. The vehicular mishaps that it handles incorporate fender bender wounds, Uber or Lyft mishaps, bike and cruiser mishaps, and business vehicles and huge apparatus mishaps.

West Hollywood Law Group

West Hollywood Law Group, P.L.L.C., gives legitimate answers for Beverly Hills occupants. It manages individual injury cases, including creature assaults, bike mishaps, consume wounds, slip and fall episodes, and vehicular and work mishaps. The firm is right now driven by Della Shaker, who has long periods of involvement addressing representatives in discretions and intercessions, and David Shaker, who has dealt with many injury cases and gotten pay through discussion. The firm additionally addresses clients in business regulation and land procedures.

Yerushalmi Law Firm

Yerushalmi Law Firm gives legitimate guidance to casualties and their families in Beverly Hills who were harmed because of the carelessness of others. The individual injury cases the confident handle incorporate auto crashes, hopeful model or force to be reckoned with mishaps, canine nibbles or creature assaults, premise risk, and slip and fall mishaps. Different issues the firm guidance on incorporate development mishaps, vaping mishaps, and club and bar mishaps. The firm serves clients all through the locale.

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