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What’s new in Instagram?

Instagram generally updates its mobile application frequently to improve its software and to add new features that increase the experience of its users. It is essential to make changes in order to adjust to the ever-changing world of social media and keep Instagram ahead of the pack. Thanks to the suggestions of different users to enhance Instagram and its features, developers are now capable of coming up with new algorithms, features, and other services. If you’re interested in gaining an increase in followers for Instagram, check the InstaBoost Au  Instagram followers service today and be rewarded with plenty of IG followers. In this way you can boost your business easily.

If you’re a social media marketing professional monitoring updates to social media platforms is essential. We’ve put together this blog post to be aware of all the crucial Instagram updates all in one place, and utilize the information in your favor.

Changes You Need to Be aware of on Instagram

Modifying an Account

Now, you’re free of all unwanted or toxic Instagram users who are unwelcome or harmful to Instagram. If you’re having problems or issues with another user on Instagram because of a reason, you’re now able of muting them and not receive notifications from the users. In reality, it seems that there’s always someone on the internet who makes us feel uncomfortable, particularly when that person or user is obnoxious. Due to public interest, Instagram introduced the mute feature that allows users to disable a specific user if they do not want to receive any notifications from that particular user. The final goal of the Instagram update will be paired to give users more control over what they see in their feeds. But, as it happens from a business perspective of view, it simply simplifies the process of managing your social media accounts.

How do you muffle a user:

* Locate that account you wish to mute

3. Click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

If you get an advertisement, choose “mute”

* Make your final decision about how much you’d like to not receive any notifications regarding the user.

It’s a basic function, yet vital to enhance your feeds.

Surveys on Sponsored Stories

Instagram Story stickers have effectively been among the greatest improvements made since the launch in the last few years. Also, consider the number of enhancements and updates Stories have received since the time they went live and that’s amazing. Effects for stickers are now accessible through Story ads on IG and bring a whole new level of interaction. After adding Story Ads, the advertisers can also add polls to images or photos which is shared in users’ stories. Polls are typically accompanied by an answer and two options. Making use of this feature gives the advantage should using advertisements in your Story. This is a fantastic method of building a brand new connection with your followers and the people who follow you.


Instagram’s ongoing implementation of changes and updates are designed to improve the user experience its users. Because changes are necessary to keep up with the constant advancement of technological advancement, the users must anticipate seeing more updates coming shortly. This makes it fascinating to consider the features to be announced soon.

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