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Charlie kelly is sensitive

In episode “Time’s Up for the Gang,” it is revealed that Dee raped Charlie after he realized he didn’t want to have sex with her, but she held him pinned down and covered his mouth until she was finished. This occurred after Charlie realized he didn’t want to have sex with her. Glenn Howerton, one of the show’s co-creators, has mentioned that Charlie’s sincere affection for the Waitress, despite how twisted and sociopathic it is often an element that helps to ground The Gang’s shenanigans to some degree. However, Charlie successfully wins over the Waitress in the episode “Dennis’ Double Life,” in which they both share their feelings and end up having sex, only for Charlie to discover that she is not what he pictured her to be at the end of the encounter. In the episode “The Gang Makes Paddy’s Great Again,” her affair with a sex puppet modeled after Dennis significantly affects her relationship with Charlie. More explanation is available on Charlie Dy.


Charlie demonstrates a significantly higher level of sensitivity than any of the other members of The Gang and appears to have slightly higher ethical standards. Charlie has few friends and relies heavily on the self-centered and unstable bonds established within The Gang. This is even though his sense of right and wrong is often unwavering. It is disclosed that Charlie has never held a high social standing since he was a child and that he only garnered any attention in high school by engaging in revolting acts (such as eating worms or erasers), which earned him the nickname “dirt-grub.” He has stated, on multiple occasions, that he detested his time spent in high school.

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Charlie’s profound awareness of what constitutes right and wrong probably stems from a lifetime of being mistreated by other people. Although it is revealed in “The Great Recession” that Charlie may have been molested by his uncle Jack, Charlie, in contrast to the rest of The Gang, appears to have had a loving mother, albeit an emotionally fragile one, and a stable upbringing. However, Charlie may have been molested by his uncle Jack. Even though Charlie has morals, he is not above manipulating, deceiving, or harming other people for his benefit or to exact revenge. He takes pleasure in that the other members of The Gang are made to feel ashamed, just as they frequently do to him.

Charlie has not had much luck in dating

Charlie has not had much luck in the courting world, so he spends most of his free time following the Waitress. He has even recruited a spy to keep an eye on the Waitress. (“Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life”). He goes to great lengths to gain her approval, despite her assertions that she will never be interested in him and even her restraining order that prohibits him from approaching her within fifty feet. (“Charlie and Dee Find Love”).

Charlie appears to be under the impression

Charlie appears to be under the impression that the romantic connection he shares with The Waitress is typical and appropriate for a romantic partnership to develop. When he tells Ruby Taft that he was only using her to make The Waitress jealous, he says that “a quality woman doesn’t do that; she doesn’t say ‘yes’ right away; she says ‘no’ to a man, for years, like ten years.” He makes this statement after noting that she banged him “almost instantly.” (“Charlie and Dee Find Love”). On the other hand, the Waitress could hardly be considered a “quality woman” in this context because she banged Dennis so rapidly. (“Charlie Has Cancer”).

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