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The Practice of Leasing Real Estate in Dubai

A person who resides in Dubai Hills Estate full-time may expect to pay around 52,000 AED per year for the rent on a property with one bedroom in that community. There is a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to the yearly rent that may be paid for a home with two bedrooms, from 55,500 to 99,500 AED. As of the beginning of the year 2016, the monthly rent for a house in Dubai Hills Estate that has three bedrooms is currently $115,000, up from the previous figure of $95,000. (January).

When it comes to finding a house in Dubai Hills Estate that is both visually beautiful and affordable, you have a wide variety of possibilities from which to choose. You are free to choose one that is suitable for the whole family.

The most recent trends indicate that the yearly rent for a house in Dubai Hills Estate that has four bedrooms might cost anywhere from 128 thousand to 250 thousand Emirati dirhams. A residence in Dubai that has five bedrooms would normally have a monthly rent of 168,000 AED, which is equivalent to around $40,000. If you are looking for office for sale in Mazaya Business Avenue, please visit our website.

Investing in real estate in Dubai’s Hills neighbourhood

There is a diverse range of real estate on the market to choose from in the Dubai Hills neighbourhood. There is a broad spectrum of probable price ranges, ranging from affordable to unimaginably expensive. According to the most recent figures available on the market, the base price for freehold villas in Dubai Hills Estate with three bedrooms is now AED 1.9 million. Around 2.2 million AED is the approximate price that must be paid for a home in the area that has four bedrooms. If you are looking for buy an office in Mazaya Business Avenue, please visit our website.

Places Where One Can Park One’s Car

Due to the fact that development is still going on, there is no visitor parking that has been specifically allocated for usage in Dubai Hills. As well as inside the apartments themselves, parking spaces have been made accessible in the neighbourhood around the Dubai Hills Mall. Each and every one of the townhouses, apartments, and villas that make up Dubai Hills Estate comes with their own own covered parking area.

Regarding the realm of public transportation, which includes the likes of subways and buses

Residents of Dubai Hills Estate have the easiest time getting to and from the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station, which is located in the neighbouring neighbourhood of Al Barsha and is the station that provides the most easy access overall. In addition, not one but two metro lines will be built as an integral element of the Dubai Hills development project.

A location that is user-friendly in terms of access to various forms of public transportation

It will take you around five minutes to reach the bus station that is the one that is located the most conveniently adjacent to Al Barsha South. New bus stops are going to be built in that area after the development that is now taking place in Dubai Hills is finished.

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