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Best Employment Lawyers in Anaheim

Every minute of every day Legal

every minute of every day Legal serves people searching for business attorneys in their space. It keeps an association with north of 20,000 specialist organizations. This association permits the firm to find a legal counselor who takes special care of representatives with business related concerns, like badgering, segregation, break of agreement, unjust end, and pay and hour infringement. They likewise protect organizations that are confronting the specific issues. every minute of every day Legal speaks with the client during the interaction to decide whether they are connected to a lawyer that can address the legitimate worries.

Aitken Campbell Heikaus Weaver, LLP

Established in 2014, Aitken, Campbell, Heikaus, Weaver LLP is a work law office in Anaheim. It addresses representatives with business matters, safeguarding their freedoms and proposing cures. The exceptionally gifted common business and work lawyers in Anaheim battle for individuals unjustly ended or victimized in the work environment, including due to handicap, orientation, sexual direction, and public beginning. It shields laborers 40 or more seasoned from segregation, remembering for employing rehearses. The firm moreover guards the privileges of representatives who have been abused in the work environment because of a new determination that might require long extended vacations. The company’s lawyers likewise safeguard representatives who go to bat for workers’ freedoms.

Ansari and Associates Law Office

Ansari and Associates is a lawful group addressing violated workers in Anaheim and the close by regions. It helps clients who are illegitimately ended working get the equity and pay they merit. It likewise handles casualties of individual injury mishaps. Overseeing lawyer Shaan A. Ansari knows about home preparation and prosecution, conservatorship, business suit, and agreement questions. He likewise filled in as a partner lawyer zeroing in on probate and common prosecution.

California Employment Counsel, APC

California Employment Counsel APC is a work and business law office working with the occupants of Anaheim and the close by regions. The firm offers legitimate guidance and portrayal to representatives who have been dealt with illegitimately in the work environment. Its group has experience intervening and contesting during cases including infringement of government work acts, informant counter, separation, and neglected extra time compensation. Organizer Raymond Hane has been regarded as a Southern California Super Lawyer.

China Rosas Employment Attorney

China Rosas Employment Attorney addresses the privileges of laborers in Anaheim and close by areas. She handles badgering claims, whether they concern antagonistic workplaces or compensation provocation. She additionally safeguards the privileges of informants and addresses segregated representatives. Also, Rosas assists clients with compensation and-hour matters, covering issues in regards to feast and rest breaks, commissions, and off-the-accuracy. The lawyer worked for a global firm for just about seven years before laying out her own. She is an individual from the California Employment Lawyers Association.

Fields Law Group, LLP Attorneys at Law

Fields Law Group LLP Attorneys at Law is an Anaheim business law office that handles specific work regulation matters. The firm prompts clients in work, contract discussion, and key preparation, assisting them with expecting issues before they create. Utilizing discretion, intervention, and case to determine business related questions, the company’s master common work attorneys in Anaheim haggle to determine work matters as opposed to prosecuting them. The firm additionally prompts organizations on consistence issues, clashes over worker terminations, contract audits and talks, and through protection and reimbursement risk examination. During consolidations and acquisitions, the firm guarantees key representatives stay with organizations to amplify altruism and business progression.

Guha Law

Guha Law is a specialty work on serving clients with work and business worries in Anaheim. Its legitimate specialist, Ranojoy Guha, advocates for the freedoms of representatives whose privileges were abused because of inappropriate behavior, illegitimate end, and informant counter. Guha is likewise devoted to battling against all types of separation in light of handicap, pregnancy, and other ailments. He found his enthusiasm for laborers’ privileges support when he functioned as a staff lawyer at Rutgers and turned out to be essential for a venture that checked a great many horticultural specialists’ functioning circumstances.

Kahana Feld

Kahana Feld is a law office that helps the Anaheim people group in issues of business regulation. Its lawyers are knowledgeable about compensation and hour suit, inside examination, class activity and PAGA guard, and ADA consistence and prosecution. The firm additionally helps representatives with separation, unfair end, inappropriate behavior, and reprisal cases. Also, it handles general responsibility, land, and development regulation cases. Kahana Feld serves clients paying little mind to race, orientation character, sexual direction, and religion.

Regulation Office of Joshua Y. Lee

The Law Office of Joshua Y. Lee supporters for the privileges of representatives in Anaheim. The strong handles bodies of evidence against businesses that neglected to give sufficient feast and rest breaks at work. It legitimately goes up against organizations that misclassified workers and didn’t compensate their wages and double time pay rates. Its legal advisors likewise look for equity for the casualties of inappropriate behavior, segregation, and reprisal. Also, they survey and arrange severance settlements for the benefit of their clients. Joshua Y. Lee is an individual from the Orange County Korean-American Bar Association.

Regulation Offices of Diana Lopez

The Law Offices of Diana Lopez has been dealing with work and business regulation, social liberties suit, business case, and individual injury starting around 2013. Sole specialist Diana Lopez addresses laborers from Anaheim and the other southern California area who have been oppressed, physically irritated, and wrongly ended. She helps them in considering their managers responsible for neglected wages and extra time. Lopez additionally serves in the Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County (OCHBA) Board.

Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula

Olins, Riviere, Coates, and Bagula is a law office serving the Anaheim metro region that gives business regulation administrations. The firm helps representatives and little managers with a scope of issues relating to separation, wage infringement, and issues concerning organization strategies and worker privileges. It assists clients with making a legitimate move, for the most part through claim, against workers who have disregarded their privileges or generally abused them. This firm has addressed corporate leaders looking for end pay and is particularly knowledgeable about association representative questions including the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act; the Public Safety Officer Procedural Bill of Rights; the National Labor Relations Act; and the Public Employment Relations Board.

Orange County Employment Law Firm

Orange County Employment Law Firm is a work and business law office working with the inhabitants of Anaheim. The firm has addressed workers during business regulation cases including refusal of feast breaks, misclassification of self employed entities, unfair end, and neglected compensation. It additionally advocates for the people who have encountered segregation at work because of their strict convictions, ailment, race, and sex. Organizer Timothy Cojocnean is an individual from the California Employment Lawyers Association.

Pedersen Law

Pedersen Law centers around battling and upholding for representatives’ freedoms against private companies and enormous scope enterprises all through the Anaheim metro and its encompassing regions, including San Bernardino and Los Angeles. The firm offers legitimate administrations to an extensive variety of work regulation cases, for example, unjust end, wages and breaks infringement, counter, inability to sensibly oblige, and business badgering and separation. The firm has been forcefully addressing wronged laborers in business regulation case beginning around 1988.

Sabarwal Law

Sabarwal Law endeavors to upgrade the existences of individuals it addresses, including people, families, workers, and private ventures in Anaheim and the encompassing regions. It handles a scope of common matters, for example, work claims emerging from compensation and hour infringement, badgering, separation, and unfair end. Also, its lawyers offer legitimate help for exploring business agreements and association debates. Lead lawyer Sanjay Sabarwal is engaged with the local area, delivering humanitarian effort with the Youth Business Alliance Program and Illumination Foundation.

Serendib Law Firm

The Serendib Law Firm handles work regulation, migration regulation, business suit, and individual injury. Its legal advisors help Anaheim laborers in considering their managers responsible for unlawful work works on, including working environment separation, lewd behavior, reprisal, and compensation and hour infringement. They additionally handle infringement of the Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act. Accomplice attorney Maya L. Serkova addresses workers engaged with legal claims against private ventures and Fortune 500 organizations. She is an individual from the California Employment Lawyers Association.

The Contracts Attorney

The Contracts Attorney is a law office addressing clients in business, land, work, and corporate issues in Anaheim. The administrations it gives incorporate business development, exchanges, and business finance. The company’s lawyer, Anthony Dispoto, uses his involvement with offering legitimate advice to organizations and clients across various enterprises in regards to legitimate exchanges and business regulation. He recently functioned as a partner general guidance and HR chief for an organization where he developed his involvement with work and business regulation.

Elevate Law

Elevate Law is controlled by lawyer Melissa Fulgencio, a work legal counselor close to Anaheim. A legal counselor who has confidence in working intently and cultivating entrust with her clients, Ms. Fulgencio utilizes her preliminary regulation experience to assist with settling issues including work environment badgering or segregation and questions encompassing working wages and hours. For each situation, Ms. Fulgencio and her partners advocate for their clients’ freedoms, incorporating participating in case when it is important to do as such.

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