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5 Things to Do to Get Your Home Ready For Summer

Summer is here and while you might be ready for it since January, your home might need some extra care. While some people go away for a summer break, most people will prefer to have a quiet summer at home by hosting barbecues and soaking up the sun. But you need to ensure that your house is ready to beat the heat as preparing your house for summer is very important. If you are looking for a summer house, check out estate agents in Aylesbury for expert advice and great service.

So in this guide, we will discuss 5 ways to prepare your house for summer so you can get your home into tip-top shape very easily.

Check your air conditioner:

Don’t wait for the summer heat to be at its peak to check on your air conditioners. Before the heat arrives and life without an air conditioner is almost impossible, ensure that your air conditioner is in proper working condition. The first step to doing this would be to check the area around the air conditioning units and vents, followed by a change of air filters. Once the initial inspection is done, try running your air conditioner to check whether it is cooling your home effectively. If it is not working at its optimal level, you need to look for professionals. They are going to check the unit for any kind of lead or defect in the air conditioning unit.

This is also the ideal time to consider a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat. They are extremely helpful in a number of ways, such as saving energy when you are at home. So you save money in the process. You can also program it to turn on the AC when you want it.

Protect your home from water damage:

Remember that with heat comes rain, and there will be occasional thunderstorms that can turn out to be disastrous if your house is not prepared.

Make sure to protect your house from flooding if you are living in a flood-prone area. Check the basement of your house and inspect the foundation. You would be looking out for cracks and holes and taking measures to seal them off accordingly. The gutters need a good cleaning and ensure that all the water is flowing away from your house and not the other way round. Another place to inspect, that you absolutely cannot miss is the roof. Check for broken shingles, cracks and any kind of warping. If there are any issues with your roof that need repair, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Get a quote from them regarding the cost of fixing the damage before it gets worse and you end up losing more money.

Keep bugs at bay:

Bugs are everywhere during summer and nothing is worse than having a house that is infested with them. As bugs are mostly looking for cooler places and trying to escape the sweltering heat, don’t be surprised if they find comfort in your nice and cool home. Since most insects cannot thrive in the cold winters, they enjoy the hot summer season.

Ways to prevent this from happening is to seal your home properly. Check all your doors and windows thoroughly and see if there are any gaps or cracks. Give your house a thorough summer cleaning because bugs also love to feast on crumbs that might be accumulating in the corners of your house.

You can also consider hiring pest control to have them spray insecticides outside your house. There are many companies that will provide you with proper solutions that are natural so that your house can remain protected from those pesky bugs.

Check your ceiling fans:

Once the winter months are over, you will find your ceiling fans covered in dust. So when summer months are here, dust and wash your fans. If you want to prevent the dust from getting into every corner of your house, use an old pillowcase to clean the fan blades. This way, the dust remains inside the pillowcase.

You may also consider changing the direction of the fan as counter clockwise movement is better for air circulation.

Storm emergency kit:

No matter where you are living, there is always a risk of severe weather. Hence, create a storm emergency kit to have at your disposal if the weather gets too extreme.

To Conclude:

Preparing your house for summer is not a huge task if you begin early. Make “Prevention is better than cure” your life’s motto, and you will be ready for a hassle-free and lovely summer.

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