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Should you really consider if the job offer is worth it?

The world is in a tough place, especially economically. There were so many layoffs during the pandemic that people had to shift how they lived and create a stream in different directions altogether. While some succeeded and are doing well in their life, many others compromised to choose something just to ensure to meet their ends.

Things are slowly picking up and businesses are hiring talent to improve the new world. However, a question that always remains the same is ‘Is the job worth your time and expertise?”. Surely, money is a significant factor while beginning to work but, it takes a backseat when situations arise where the company has any kind of toxic culture.

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So, what are the considerations you need to make to decide whether the job is right for you – read on to know!

Not just about money

Of course, money is the actual reason why people work in the first place. It might seem like a dumb idea to work at a lesser paying job, right? Wrong! Consider other options when you are offered less than what you’ve expected. Learn about the company and its image in the market.

Don’t look for the final goal at the first step! Analyze why they pay less and how the employees are treated. Learn about their work culture – you’d be amazed often to know that other companies hire you for a much higher pay just by seeing the previous company name on the resume!

The next role

This offer might not be the dream role you’re looking after. However, this isn’t a valid point to excuse yourself from being hired here. Learn about the hierarchy and how promotions work in the specific company. Do let you transfer from one role to another, internally?

Is the company accommodative of your needs and vision? If the answer is yes, then do go ahead and give this role a shot. It might a detour to your destination but starting ahead with something is always better than nothing.

No other choices

It is quite a common scenario many people seeking employment face. Either due to personal or financial emergency, they are forced to take up the job to keep afloat. If you are facing such a scenario right now, then take the offer without hesitating.

Instead of considering pros and cons, it will be easier to just join the role that matches your expertise. However, the world is a cruel place for the needy. Do not show your vulnerabilities to the recruiter because they might think you to be desperate for the job but not inspired about the role!

The switchers

This is a strange, strange world, the employee exiting the company is offered a higher compensation than the one who got promoted! This reason is more than enough for a lot of people to choose to keep switching between companies for a better paycheck.

However, it does not yield well in the future. Because you have worked with many companies in a short span, you will be deemed to be an unpredictable resource. If you are stuck between the two, then it is better to choose the one you’re planning to leave and work there for a good chunk of time. This is more valuable for your personal and professional growth.

Final thoughts

Ideally, contemplating the growth gives you enough perspective on whether to choose to accept the offer or not. There will always be a list of pros and cons for every situation in life. What matters most is what you feel on the inside. Because guts don’t lie!

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