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What is Computer? Types of Computer

What is Computer?

A PC is one sort of machine oversee various types of projects to perform valuable errands to the clients. PC gives appropriate reaction to the clients through the arrangement of guidelines organized in good shape. It has capacity limit alongside execution benefits. PCs can perform both mind boggling and basic tasks. In light of sorts of activities, PCs plan in a few organizations with equipment and programming determinations. PC contains wires, semiconductors, circuits, equipment parts and so on. PC plans with both programming and equipment. Programming is a course of getting ready program through directions and information. General PCs made with following sorts of parts in equipment.

  1. CPU
  2. Memory
  3. I/P Devices
  4. O/P Device


Focal Handling Unit keeps three sorts of exercises to store the information and handling information with a few sorts of tasks. PU is significant part to the PC that tells about the PC to perform which task for like clockwork.


Memory is one section that store information, programs and so forth. It arranged into a few kinds those can work at specific reason.

I/P devices:

Gadgets which is valuable to give input information to the PC that will be handled to give yield from different gadgets.

O/P devices:

Input gadgets give contribution to the PCs. After process the information of info the appropriate result will let to the clients out of result gadgets. mini dell desktop pcs

Computer Types:

1. Personal Computer

2. Mini Computer

3. Main Frame Computer

4. Super Computer

5. Workstation

Personal computer:

It keep up with above rundown of equipment and programming parts. It very well may be characterized as a little that reach up to the restricted pounds. It showed up in the extended time of 1970’s that work with little computer processor, Smash and memory chips. It is helpful to the word handling, bookkeeping, work area, information base administration applications and so forth. Number of home clients utilize this product for mess around and gain anything from web without any problem. surface pro repair

PC keeps a few sorts of PCs like following.

1. Notebook

2. Tower computer

3. Laptop

4. Subnotebook

5. Handheld

6. Plamtop

7. PDA

Mini Computer:

It is a fair size PC helpful in work stations that can cover 200 clients at the same time.


It plans forengineering applications SDLC and different sorts of utilizations with moderate power and realistic innovations. It for the most part keeps up with high capacity media alongside enormous Smash. Workstation just work by the UNIX and Linux working frameworks. It has a few kinds of capacity media that keep up with both diskless and plate drive workstations. apple watch repair uk

Supercomputer and Mainframe:

Supercomputer is best quickest PC in world that is pricey. It work in light of numerical computations along these lines, all that function admirably with basic system. Supercomputers manages logical reenactments, energized illustrations, electrical plan, perform dynamic computations and so forth.

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