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What to Look for in a Child Custody Lawyer?

Due to the many highly emotional issues that arise during child custody proceedings, choosing a good child custody lawyer can be a challenge. The following resources can help parents find experienced, qualified candidates for hiring child custody attorneys.


You can get recommendations from others about a good child custody attorney if you are looking for information on one. Find out more at
The following references can be helpful:

  • Getting friends and family to help
  • Consult the court clerks at the courthouse for advice
  • Contacting parents with child support cases at the child support office, including strangers
  • You can receive referrals from your state bar association
  • There may be a legal network maintained in your state by some courts


Parents seeking child custody should interview potential attorneys before choosing one. You would ask them the following questions:

  • An attorney’s personality and style must be a match to the parenting style of the single parent. Single parents don’t have to have the same experience, but they should be able to approach the attorney with questions, as they will have many during the process.
  • Choosing an attorney with experience handling and winning your type of case is a good idea for a single parent. In addition, single parents should understand how long it may take for a decision to be made.
  • Whether the legal fees are based on a retainer or per hour should be inquired about by single parents.
  • An individual looking for a child custody attorney wants to know if a consultation is free. Parent can determine whether they can work with an attorney during a free consultation

Pro Bono

When single parents cannot afford legal representation, they may qualify for court-appointed attorneys. Single parents will be represented by a court-appointed attorney in the same way that a paid attorney would.

Child custody cases will be handled by a network of pro bono attorneys maintained by the county family court.

Investigating the reputation of an attorney

An attorney’s reputation can be checked by parents in several different ways, including:

  • Investigate the attorney directories in your state. If an attorney’s license has been suspended, and if so for what reason, a parent can look up their status through the state bar directory. Attorneys are required by law to disclose this information to potential clients. In addition, a lawyer whose license has been suspended is not allowed to practice law.
  • Getting to know the locals. A lawyer’s reputation will likely be well known in a smaller community if a lot of single parents live there. Several people in the community can be asked about attorneys by parents.

Firing an attorney who doesn’t fit your needs is the right thing to do

Make mistakes without worrying. Your child custody agreement may no longer meet your needs or be no longer effective, so release the attorney from his or her duties and hire a new lawyer.

If a parent would like more information about finding child custody lawyers, he or she can consult additional resources on the subject or he or she can contact the state bar association of their state.

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