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What is Pressure Grouting?

Pressure grouting is a technique that perfectly suits spaces that are hard to reach or have small/narrow gaps. That’s because it uses small volumes of cement-based grouts, which can get into tight spots and hard-to-reach places. Our pressure grouting projects are carried out around the UK and we can provide a solution to your geotechnical needs. We guarantee that the job will be done quickly and to the highest standard, making us your go-to engineers for this type of work.

How does pressure grouting work?

Damping is done by our engineers bring injecting grouts made from cement-based materials around masonry structures. This not only enhances their structural integrity, but also helps make it more stable, safe and long lasting.

Pressure grouting strengthens masonry by filling the gaps and making any rubble stable. That way, the movement of solid matter is stopped and the original strength of your masonry is given back.

Where can pressure grouting be applied?

Pressure grouting is one of the most common methods for filling in empty spaces. Typical uses include disused drains, sewers and any hollow spaces under bridges and something like subway structures, for example.

When is pressure grouting used?

When masonry becomes unstable due to factors like erosion or general wear and tear, pressure grouting is often chosen. One of the main use cases is when pipes are carrying water; this can cause pipes to leak, break off at its lower end, and even collapse. This can lead to a downgrading in the safety and stability level of structures such as roads, bridges, culverts, openings that connect a structure with another one below it (such as shafts), basements…

What does the process involve?

When we’re tasked with assessing any damages to your site, first we’ll go to the site itself and inspect the damage/deterioration before determining a suitable course of action. You need pressure grouting? We bring premixed cement and pumps which means we can do the mixing for you.

We are happy to produce bespoke grout formulations for all projects, no matter what the requirements are. Our products stand the test of time and fulfil all required purposes. For example, if you’re looking for a high-flow, historic or lime-based area such as mentioned before, we can cater to your needs and guarantee the best results.

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