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Quartz, Granite, Corian: Which countertop is better?




If you are building or renovating your kitchen and in the market for a countertop, you will come across a range of options. However, the three most popular choices are Granite, Quartz, and Corian. 

So, which one should you choose among these three options? 

This article will dive into these three different types of countertop materials and pit them against one another in terms of appearance, cost, durability, and maintenance. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look:

Quartz Countertop Highlights


Quartz is an engineered stone made by mixing a variety of quartz crystal sizes and grades, pigment, and resin. Quartz countertops use natural stone (made of 93% quartz). But they are not as wild as Granite. While both Granite and Quartz countertops are manufactured similarly, the engineered quality of Quartz gives it a more uniform and seamless finish.


When comparing all three countertops, Quartz has the highest rate. Since it carries all the benefits of Corian and Granite without any of their drawbacks, Quartz is a more preferred option. Although Quartz is more expensive, it delivers the best overall value. Silestone worktops are the most popular and premium quality quartz worktops worldwide.


Quartz countertops require little to no maintenance. It doesn’t need to be polished, sealed, or reconditioned. Quartz is also non-porous, which makes it easier to clean.  Quartz is also considered the second best worktop material after Copper for antibacterial properties.
Reference: Antimicrobial Worktops in the UK for preventing the spread of infection-related Illness


Quartz takes the trophy for durability too. Rated a seven on Moh’s Scale of Hardness, Quartz is even harder than Granite. Nevertheless, Quartz is also liable to break if you smash it with force like any stone. Moreover, while Quartz can withstand substantial amounts of heat, it is still not a good idea to heathen the countertop in any way. All the stone surfaces can develop cracks when introduced to sudden or rapid changes in temperature. Therefore, we recommend using hot pads to prevent heat damage.

Granite Countertop Highlights


Granite is 100% natural stone, which means it is not mixed with any other element to create a countertop. Granite is usually quarried from the ground in large blocks. These blocks are then polished and shaped into countertops. Granite countertops also come in various colors and patterns, thanks to the material’s natural shades.

However, since Granite has a lot of patterns, some homeowners might find it too busy to install in their kitchen.


The cost of Granite can change depending on the quality of the stone. For example, the thickness and color of the stone might also affect the pricing. Moreover, the final price might include installation and sealing of the surface costs. Granite is cheaper than Quartz but costlier than Corian. However, keep in mind that Granite needs to be re-sealed regularly, so that may add up to the additional cost. Sensa worktops are popular in UK and offer good value for money.


Granite makes for a robust and long-lasting countertop. However, it can be prone to damage. Granite is rated a six on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness. Moreover, as we mentioned, you will need to re-seal a granite countertop to keep up its durability.

Corian Countertop Highlights


Not unlike Quartz, Corian is also an engineered stone; however, it uses a higher ratio of acrylic polymer, resin, and natural material.

DuPont developed Corian in 1967. Made by pouring a heated mix of materials into molds, the countertop was an instant hit among builders and homeowners in the 70s and 80s. Corian also has a more consistent appearance like Quartz. 


In terms of cost, Corian is the cheapest, making it a go-to choice for homeowners looking for a quick kitchen countertop solution. 


Corian is similar to Quartz as both of them have a non-porous surface that doesn’t require much cleaning. However, proper caretaking is still essential to keep the countertop working for a long. Make sure to regularly clean your Corian countertop with soft clothes, warm water, and mild soap.


Corian is the weakest of the bunch when it comes to durability. Corian is prone to scratches and heat damage. So, if you are installing Corian countertops in your kitchen, make sure to take proper care of them for long-lasting usage. 


In conclusion, the choice comes down to your preference. Whether you go with Quartz, Granite, or Corian, you will still have to take proper care of them. If we had to choose, we would go with Quartz because it is more durable, requires less maintenance, and can be cleaned up easily. 

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Ultimate guide for hiring a tree surgeon for pruning trees



hiring a tree surgeon for pruning trees

If you own a house, you are certainly aware of how difficult it can be to locate a certified contractor you can trust. Since the ordinary individual has little experience with tree maintenance, it might be much harder to find a professional tree service. These five suggestions will help you get through the procedure if you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, guaranteeing a positive experience for you and a successful conclusion for your plants.

Do your homework first

The ideal method to approach tree maintenance is as a long-term project with incremental changes. Although trees have many advantages, they may also pose a threat to your safety. The majority of home owner associations have regulations regulating neighborhood public and private trees. The time you invest in learning a little bit about your trees will pay you in the long term unless you have a tree emergency. You may go directly to step 2 if you must. An arborist can provide you with all the information you want, but it may be a good idea to speak with many arborists in order to have a more comprehensive knowledge of your trees without doing your own study.

With the assistance of a qualified arborist, create a long-term strategy for your trees.

Every few decades, neighborhoods, and the homes inside them change. As development happens everywhere around a city, a neighborhood may go through two or even three significant changes in the usual lifetime of a tree. Although it is possible to rebuild houses and redesign landscape, trees often suffer as a result of these modifications.

Having a long-term strategy is advised whether you live near old trees or own young trees in a neighborhood that has just been created. Your strategy for the long-term maintenance of your trees may be helped by a professional arborist or registered consultant arborist. A tree care plan can help you make better decisions, set aside money for tree maintenance, and, in many circumstances, reduce the total cost of tree ownership.

One of those things in life where a little bit of money and a little bit of time will benefit you for the rest of your life is long-term tree care planning. Visit the websites listed below to learn more about finding an arborist in your region. You’ll be happy that you did.

Consult with reputable tree services in your region.

You should now be able to effectively interview a few tree services in your region and feel much more at ease with the terms and techniques utilized in the tree service business. Your education will help you formulate smart inquiries and distinguish between qualified applicants and unqualified ones more quickly. I highly advise you to only take into account a tree service if they have at least one licensed arborist on site to oversee crew training and ensure quality work is being done.

Additionally, now that you know what is good and incorrect in terms of tree care, you may allow your natural intuition to serve as your guide.

Most of the local licensed arborists such as Bark and Branch are already employed by a tree service business. As part of your consultation, they may be able to provide you with a price quote for carrying out the suggested tree care procedures. You may relax knowing that your time and effort have paid off if you have previously worked with other tree services and feel confident going ahead. It is never a bad idea to speak with many tree service providers to find out how their qualifications, offerings, and costs may vary.

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Why use a Bathroom Furniture Black in your home?



Bathroom Furniture Black

Black bathroom furniture can be used to give our bathrooms that look of completeness and elegance. Bathroom furniture black adds a touch of style and function to your bathroom. When combined with other colours, they also add a touch of versatility to your bathroom style. Many people prefer black bathroom furniture for its outstanding appearance. They can be used to create any bathroom layout and style while looking outstanding. You can enhance this stunning look by blending black bathroom furniture with white design elements. This adds a feeling of completion as both colours blend well when used in the bathroom area. There are various ideas for black bathroom furniture. From fancy vanity units, cabinets, and wall panels, to storage drawers, the black bathroom furniture is effortlessly versatile. When it comes to black bathroom furniture, there are several reasons you need one in your home.

The advantages of a black bathroom furniture

1.         Look elegant and rich lighting: One of the best benefits of black bathroom furniture is its elegant and rich feel. When it comes to interior decoration for your bathroom, black furniture is the most exquisite choice. Black is such a befitting colour that even the simplest furniture tends to appear elegant and rich when designed with it.

2.         Visually compact: A set of black bathroom furniture will look a lot better when installed in spacious bathroom areas. They are also very useful around small bathrooms. This is mostly so due to the compact appearance of black furniture. Also, it is important not to overstuff your bathroom with furniture. A few cabinets and freestanding sink vanity units will be enough,

3.         Are made in different style variants: Traditionally, black furniture are usually offered in modern designs. These designs are the most common variants that can be found in the market today. Many of these furniture are produced in high gloss MDF, while others are made of tinted tempered glass. Also, if you can linger for some more time, you may discover some traditional designs that are produced from natural wood and feature a classic design.

4.         Compatible with other colour variants: Black bathroom furniture are a remarkable bathroom set since it can be contrasted with various colours. Naturally, the classic colour combination is the white and black palette. Also, you can choose another contrasting palette, when looking for a less-intrusive interior design.

5.         Have a lot of matching furniture layouts: As usual, a majority of bathroom furniture black sets can be blended easily with different accessories and walls. Also, they are compatible with many other different furniture that has been made for different collections. Therefore, if are looking to add several décor items to your bathroom, you will be able to easily find matching pieces. Black is a universal colour that goes right with any colour.

6.         A rarity in bathroom decorations: If you are tired of hospital-like bathroom decorations, you can find harmony with the black furniture. Black bathroom sets are perfect for any modern bathroom.

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Take advantage of the electric fireplace tv stand inside your home



electric fireplace

At this time, technology does not stop; that is why we can see a wide variety of electric fireplaces. So much so that in the market, we can find an electric fireplace tv stand that fits the space of our home and provides us with a warmer environment.

Thanks to options like these, we can enjoy a fireplace without the need to complicate ourselves by having to do a tedious installation. Likewise, they allow us to enjoy the comfort that the only real fire fireplace offers us, but without the inconvenience of having to use gas or fuel.

What are the characteristics of an electric fireplace with a TV stand?

The electric fireplace tv stand has many features that can be used once installed in our home. This Electric Fireplaces model can be found with shelves of different sizes. We only have to measure the inches of our TV to buy the correct fireplace.

Also, its front panel comes with tempered glass to make life easier. It comes with a manual control panel and remote control that includes power on, off, temperature control, color change control, heater, etc.

Indeed, this type of fireplace also comes with a timer and a safety cut-off device to have greater functionality in our furniture.

What are the advantages of an electric fireplace with a tv stand?

This electric fireplace is part of the Modern Furniture that we can have at home with a double function. Electric fireplaces with TV support and providing us with the heat we need inside our home serve as decoration for our space.

Likewise, this TV stand can be placed in the living room or in another space in the home where we want a warm atmosphere while we enjoy a good series or a movie with family or friends.

Among the many advantages of an electric fireplace tv stand, it is also worth noting that they allow us to save space, especially if we have a small space at home. If the house is large, the electric fireplace with a TV stand will not take up much space, and we can add other decorative furniture without any problem.

 How is the fire recreated in an electric fireplace with a TV stand?

This is usually a very common question among people who want to change their fireplace with a real fire for an electric one. As time has passed, fireplace manufacturers have carried out different tests to simulate fire in the best way.

Therefore, one of the most effective systems has been that of steam. Manufacturers have achieved a real fire effect using small jets of water vapor and a play of lights. Thanks to this method, it is not so easy to distinguish if we are facing an electrical fire until we bring our hands closer.

This method is also used in the Wall Mounted Fires to simulate the fire, although it can also function as a monitor, recreating the fire digitally.

The good news is that most electric fireplaces include different programs to regulate the intensity of the fire, and since they are not real, they can even be placed on a TV stand without problems.

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