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A Comprehensive Guide About Content Analysis For Academic Researchers



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Content analysis is a research method used to find the patterns among the recorded information. In this method, the researchers collect the information by conducting interviews, exploring textbooks and screening already published data in the scholarly articles. The content for this analysis may be in the form of pictures, text or social media posts. But the goal of this analysis is to present the qualitative text or content in a quantitative form. It contains a series of organization, coding, scheming and interpreting steps. This article is a comprehensive guide explaining the main features of content analysis, the research approach, and the type of sources useful for it.

What are the main features of content analysis?

Content analysis has several exciting features that make this method universally accepted. First, it provides unobstructed data collection, which means you can analyze the responses or opinions without direct involvement with the respondents. In this unobstructed data collection, the researcher’s personality does not affect the results. Second, it is a transparent and replicable method of analysis that follows well-defined procedures so that anyone else can repeat it. Based on a well-defined set of rules, it yields high-quality results that bring transparency and reliability to scientific findings.

Third, this method of analysis is known for its flexibility. Flexibility means you can conduct this analysis at a low cost. It is all about accessing the appropriate sources for exploring the text that you can use to solve a scientific problem under study. Thus, the main features of content analysis include unobstructed data gathering, transparency, reliability, and high flexibility in terms of collection and cost. Many students who face difficulties in content analysis prefer to hire dissertation writing services uk.

Is content analysis inductive or deductive – Primary or secondary?

Content analysis is a method that we mostly use in qualitative studies. Thus, it is also applicable to both inductive and deductive approaches. It further consists of different types that deal with different research designs. Remember, the inductive analysis approach is useful only when you do not have previous information dealing with a phenomenon under study and if the data is fragmented. Contrary to the inductive method, the deductive method is helpful when a study aims to test a theory in different circumstances. A deductive approach to analysis also works well when the goal of a researcher is to compare different categories at multiple periods. 

Moreover, content analysis is a primary research method that often uses secondary sources of data collection. But there is no hard and fast rule to using the secondary sources in this method. You can also use this method to analyze the responses or opinions collected by primary means (interviews, surveys, case studies and questionnaires). Thus, this analysis method is flexible in terms of sources of data collection and research approaches. We can use it in qualitative-deductive and qualitative-inductive research designs with primary and secondary data collection sources.     

What are the types of content analysis?

Content analysis is of two types, namely, conceptual analysis and relational analysis. The first one is concerned with the frequency and existence of content. The latter takes the conceptual analysis to the next step by further exploring the relationship among concepts within a text. Both conceptual and relational analysis provides different results, interpretation and meanings.  

What are the three forms of content analysis?

Content analysis is a common method for qualitative research designs. It has three main approaches: conventional analysis, direct analysis, and summative analysis. These approaches aim to analyze the meaning of the content or text so one can extract useful consequences. Moreover, all these forms differ based on the origin of codes, threads to reliability and coding scheme.

  1. Conventional analysis: It is the form of analysis that drives the coding categories directly from the data or text collected.
  2. Direct analysis: Unlike conventional analysis, the direct analysis starts from a theory or research finding that guides initial coding.
  3. Summative analysis: This form of analysis includes comparing or counting specific keywords or content. Later, the counting and comparison lead to the interpretation of the overall text. 

The author (based on the availability of data, nature of the study and convenience in making a coding scheme) selected any of these approaches to address trustworthiness in analysis.

What are the seven basic stages of content analysis?

Content analysis involves a series of organization and interpretation steps of the material gathered through individual interviews, books, articles and responses. The following are the seven steps or stages that a content analyzer can use systematically.

  1. Material editing: Whatever method you use to collect data, it always needs editing of the material. Editing the material means revisions in compiling and organization of data.
  2. Free-floating method of reading: In this type of reading, you should adopt a theoretical distancing approach and involve openness to all the field experiences while reading the collected data.  
  3. Recognition of units of analysis: It is the act of grouping together theresponses depicting the same meanings and identifying the content that exists solely in the data sets.
  4. Reconsideration of units of analysis for coding:  This step is all about reconsidering the information to assign codes to them, using information based on the unit analysis.
  5. Construction of categories: Based on the codes, in the fifth step of the content analysis, you need to make themes or categories to sort the material systematically. 
  6. Discussion of the topic based on the analysis: Categorization and coding help you understand the hidden story behind data. At this step, you need to link this story with the different bodies of literature.
  7. Prove the validity of your findings: As content analysis deals explicitly with the qualitative data, the validity of the information and data presented matters a lot in this analysis method.


Content analysis is a qualitative method of research that analyses textual information to visualize patterns in the collected information. Transparency, reliability, unobstructed data collection and high flexibility are essential features of this type of analysis. It works well for the qualitative-inductive and qualitative deductive research, either sourced with primary or secondary data. Conceptual and relational analyses are its important types. Moreover, the important form of this type of analysis includes conventional analysis, direct analysis and summative analysis. Apart from all, you can complete the whole analysis in seven simple steps.

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We put the Halloween inflatables to the test – here’s how they stand



Halloween inflatables

Kids are back at school and days are getting shorter, which means it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate the outside of your house for Halloween.

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We tested four Halloween inflatables – I asked my kids to pick the ones we tested from popular retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon to see if they looked as good as they looked online, and How good they are to stand up (literally) to elements and schoolboys.

How We Tested Halloween Inflatables

Kids are back at school and days are getting shorter, which means it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate the outside of your house for Halloween.

Halloween inflatables are a popular choice and an easy way to add some ghosts to your stool. But if you’re hesitant to hit the buy button because you’re not sure how the giant inflatable fabric will hold up against the weather or rowdy kids — or both — we’ve got you covered.

We tested four Halloween inflatables – I asked my kids to pick the ones we tested from popular retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon to see if they looked as good as they looked online, and How good they are to stand up (literally) to elements and schoolboys.

How We Tested Halloween Inflatables

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One of the best things about the Double Bubble Witches Cauldron is how fast it inflates: it only took 36.33 seconds to go from box to explosion. Standing at 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide, it makes a statement rather than being overwhelming, and my daughter likes to pretend to help stir the witch brew.

This Walmart Halloween inflatable is also worth mentioning because it’s the only inflatable with enough stakes and cords to keep it from being blown over by strong winds.

Another great thing about The Double Bubble Witches Cauldron is that it actually looks better than IRL online, which was a surprise when we set it up. Also, it has withstood multiple attempts by my 8 year old son to strangle the witch, and the number of times my daughter repeatedly “stirred” the cauldron.

Our only complaint is that the frog held by the taller witch has no lights in it – unlike the witch and the cauldron – so you can’t see the frogs at night.

If you want a Halloween inflatable that won’t scare nearby toddlers, get the Gemmy Double Bubble Witches Cauldron ASAP.


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What to look at while choosing Quran academy



choosing Quran academy

The Quran is important to learn for every Muslim. Because Allah Almighty has mentioned everything about Islam and the way of living according to Islam in the Quran, it is mandatory to leave the Quran. Nowadays, most people have the same question about what to look at while choosing the Quran academy. People have faced many bad experiences, and now they have to think twice before opting for it. So it is important to check everything before you get yourself enrolled in any academy. However, online Academies and traditional academies are both the places you can learn the Quran. We have succeeded in some of the things to look at while choosing the Quran Academy.

You may also like to learn about the Learning Quran with Tajweed.

Fees structure

Of course, we pay more than we should most of the time, which is not pocket-friendly. So, make sure to check the fee structure before choosing an academy. Ask them how much they are charging and for how long as it will make you clear about whether the amount of money you are paying is worth it or not. Also, search for some institutes and then take your decision as their better options to go for so many times.

Experience of teachers 

It is so important to know about the teachers from whom you will learn the Quran. You should make sure that teachers are well experienced and well qualified to teach you the Quran accurately and make the process of learning easy for you. As most of the time, you get admission and then realize that it was not the best decision you have made. So it’s better to know about the reviews that students have regarding teachers. Get the idea from, Quran Reading Course.

The environment of the academy 

When you are going to learn somewhere, it means that you are going to spend half of the time there. So it is noteworthy to know about the environment because most of the time, the learning process depends on the environment. Students can not be so focused as they are uncomfortable in the environment. To know about it, you can take demo classes and realize whether you will adjust or not.

Way of teaching

Students who want to leave the Quran are the ones who are starting from scratch. It means that they are not aware of anything, and in that process, they must have proper support from the teacher. So many academies have hers who do not maintain kind behavior with the students and act rudely. That’s the reason that students are not able to learn properly and clear their doubts. You should take a look at the way of teaching as it affects a lot on the learning.

Ease of conversation 

The academy’s environment must be very calming because when you are studying the Quran, you have so many thoughts in your mind and so many questions about the Quran, which are important to be answered by the tutor or the Quran guide. So the ease of conversation matters a lot. You should take a look while choosing the academy, whether it allows the conversation and counseling sessions or not, as they play a vital role in the learning process.

Timings of the class

If you are a working person or a student, you must check about the times as it matters a lot because you won’t be able to attend the classes if you are busy. So try to look at the academy that matches your schedule, and you could learn easily.


While concluding this, you have to look upon everything you want and expect from the academy from where you want to learn the Quran. As the Quran is the holy book of Islam, you should opt for an academy that would teach you accurately without any misleading. You must look upon all the things that we have mentioned, as these all are considered important while choosing the Quran academy. These are implemented on both online academies as well as traditional academies.

Author Bio

Muhammad Junaid is a Senior Analyst, Search Engine Expert, and CEO of Online Quran Academy. Extensive experience in SEO, Analytics, Research, and Blogging. Work for years with local and international enterprises for 7+ years. Also, represent well-known brands in the UAE.

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Islam is not just a religion; it’s a whole way of lifestyle for the human to live a life in such a manner where Muslim reach excellence and find out the reason for their birth that’s why Allah created the universe, humans and sent the One Lakh Forty Thousand Messenger and Holy Quran for the guidance of Muslims and as a Muslim why Almighty Allah obliged offering five times prayer, fast in the month of Ramadan, zakat (2.5% annually payment from your income), Hajj (a pilgrimage on the 12thIslamic month) what is a reason behind all obligations and prohibited in Islam that’s why you should take Islamic course. There are the following five reasons why you should take an Islamic course online not only in 2022 also as a duty of being a responsible Muslim. Learn about the Female Quran Teacher for kids.

Social Distancing

2020, 2021, and now 2022 are all about the global virus, quarantine, work from home, and online classes. This year also the new variant of the virus coming out and fear of death, feeling hopeless, getting depressed in quarantine when all the bad things around you continue. You want to stay motivated calm; you should take an Islamic course online because by learning your religion that you are not alone; Allah is with you always. By learning the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W.W.) how he (S.A.W.W.) faced the hardship during the preaching of Islam how he (S.A.W.W.) his Ahlebait (family of Prophet) and his believer got isolated by people of Makkah this isolation period called Shib e Abi Talib where people boycott the Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and his believer, how the believer of Islam is becoming persistence at that time in the way of following Islam is just because proper guidance from Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and now due to help of Islamic course you get motivated and persistence on the path of Islam  Get the idea from Online Quran classes


The world is digitalized now; everything is available online like banking, e-commerce, grocery, academic learning. Then why must we stick to the old method when learning Islam. The world is now entirely sinful on digital and social media, and all awful stuff is spread online. So as a believer of the true religion and connected with the message of Islam, we should communtize ourselves through participating in online Islamic courses and make the Islamic community bigger and bigger and influenced over on all the digital and social media platforms. It all just happened through taking an interest in learning online Islamic courses. Through learning Islamic courses, we can rectify our weaknesses and build a strong Muslim person who inspires other brothers and sisters to follow the teaching of Islam. 

Easy to communicate

Many Islamic programs and webinars are organized on social and digital media where renowned Muslim scholars give the knowledge of Islam that how can we make our lifestyle according to the teaching of Islam. Islamic preachers and researchers use modern technologies to create these courses digitally; they make H.D. graphics, creative photos, and videos of Islamic lectures that explain the Islamic issues in an easy and representable way. It not only helps the student to learn Islamic courses conveniently but also makes Islamic learning enjoyable. Get the idea from, Online Quran Classes for kids.

Beneficial for afterlife

These Islamic courses not only give benefits in this life but are also beneficial for the afterlife. These courses boost your soul to stay connected with Almighty Allah and give you the ability to always be in the will of Allah. When you face up and down in your life, Islamic learning helps you deal with it and stay firm on the right path in those moments.

Islamic Knowledge

These online Islamic courses conveniently give you the knowledge of Islamic history, Sunnah of Holy Prophet, Holy Quran and revelation of Quranic verses of Holy Prophet. The lifestyle of Ahlebait, and Companions of Prophet. All this learning makes your faith enriched and strong and will make you closer to Allah. 


With each passing day, the world becomes darker and darker, and the only light in the world is Islam and by learning through online Islamic courses will help you gradually mold your life in the way that Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) are well pleased with you. If Allah and His Prophet (S.A.W.W.) are happy with you, what else do you want!

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