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Why Advertising in Public Spaces is Still Effective?

Public transport is one of the most widely used services around the world – whether you are getting to work daily by train in London or visiting the underground metro in New York. Many people rely on public transport to get them around, especially when it comes to visiting friends and family and commuting to the workplace. This is why advertising on public transport services – for example, in train stations – can be one of the most effective forms of marketing. Such a large number of people will come and go during the day, which means a plethora of eyes will see the advertisements posted either on the transport or at the station. Think of the last time you got on a train, you more than likely saw adverts on the train, but also on the boards throughout the train station. While many people may be in a rush while traversing through a station, there are those who stand around waiting for their train to arrive, giving them ample time to take a look at the various boards and posters sprinkled around the station.

Increases Awareness Around Specific Topics

Some train stations have been used for marketing to spread awareness of important topics such as mental health awareness and climate change. Eco-friendliness has become an important topic within public transport in recent years, and with the rise of electric vehicles, it is extremely relevant to the members of today’s public. Utilizing the train station to raise awareness can be an incredibly effective tool, as hundreds of people throughout the week will pass through and will spot the marketing campaigns throughout.

Utilize All the Available Space

It is important to note that this form of marketing and informing does not have to be simply on posters and boards in the station, it can also be used on the ticket machines or even the turnstiles. Increasing the usage of marketing in various spaces throughout the station guarantees that more people will pay attention to it. Eleven Marketing worked on an amazing project with the Samaritans, showcasing what effective marketing can truly do when raising awareness of crucial topics. While some people may not take any notice of the posters on the walls of the station, it will be hard for them to ignore information that is placed on the machines they have to use to get to their train. 

More Eyes on Your Brand

The importance of utilizing public spaces to market your business is now more prevalent than ever. A large number of people travel on public transport every single day to get to work and also to visit public areas such as parks, shopping centres, and cafes. While advertising on social media may be effective, not everyone spends hours scrolling through their feed every day. Placing advertisements where people will be sitting or waiting around can be a great way to get eyes on your products. It also increases the chances of members of the public picking up their phones to search for your company on search engines and even social media. 

Traditional forms of advertisement are still relevant to this day. Posters and other forms of marketing posted in public spaces have been used for years and are still incredibly effective when boosting brand awareness and increasing sales.

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