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5 Best property selling hotspots in Kent

Kent has been a favourite among property owners and estate agents for quite some time. Owing to its diversity sprawling from the English Channel coast to Greater London. So if you are looking for buyers of property in East Kent, look for estate agents in East Kent as they specialise in the area. Similarly, if your property is located at DEAL, you would want to hire Deal estate agents as they have good knowledge of the area and will help you find the best deals. 

There are so many reasons Kent is a perfect spot for the real estate industry- its agriculture, economy, financial services, public services, distribution system, leisure and tourism, and transportation add to its appeal. The location of Kent is also strategically ideal and is better termed as the Gateway to Europe and the Garden of England. 

While there are various regions in the county of Kent which are unique property selling hotspots. But there are five towns in the county of Kent which are best for property investment and are selling out fast:

  1. Ashford

Approximate population- 75,000

Average price of properties- £316,050

The town of Ashford was once a one-time market town, a military town and also a manufacturing centre. The development it has seen has only been fairly recent decades. With a quickly growing population, new building projects and housing developments are coming up which are also contributing to the expansion of the town. 

Another benefit of living in Ashford is its excellent location on the M20 and also from the Ashford International train station. People who like to or need to travel around Kent can choose to live in Ashford. So you have a potential pool of buyers to look out for if your property is located in Ashford. 

  1. Deal 

Approximate population- 30,000

Average price of a property in Dover district- £269,196

Deal is a small town nestled on the east coast of Kent and once upon a time, it used to be an important port. This small town is also known for being a military town and now has evolved into a fashionable place to live. 

The town of Deal has been nominated as one of the best places to live by the Times. 

  1. Canterbury 

Approximate population- 50,000

Average price of property- £322,276

Canterbury is best known as the Uk’s most historic town, and hence it is a big property hot spot. Property owners in Canterbury need to be aware that the tourist trade is huge in the town as 7.8 million tourists visit the town annually. Hence, selling properties for being used as hotels or vacation homes can be a wonderful opportunity. 

Moreover, Canterbury is also a student city, one of Kent’s major student hubs and investors are very much interested in properties with opportunities to let for this particular demographic. 

  1. Dartford

Approximate population- 110,000

Average price of property- £321,778

A major location for employment at present but once best known for being an industrial and manufacturing town, Dartford is a unique property hotspot in Kent. This town has gained its name from the Dartford Crossing of the River of Thames and hence has gained easy access to the county of Kent, Essex and also the rest of the country. 

London commuters also prefer to live in Dartford owing to its closeness to the city and hence it is a good potential market to look for buyers.  With the regeneration programme in place by the  Dartford Borough Council, efforts are being made to make Dartford a better place to live in. 

  1. Dover

Approximate population- 31,000

Average price of property- £269,196

Best known for the port of Dover, Dover is one of the main links for passenger and freight to mainland Europe. In fcat, the majority of Dover’s employment is connected to the port. The town of Dover has benefited a lot from different regeneration projects and made it a better place for people to live and also to visit. The economy of Dover is mostly a visitor economy and Dover Castle continues to be one of Kent’s biggest tourist attractions.     

In terms of property location, the town of Dover is a great place to live. 

Some more attractive towns in Kent that have been coming up as property hotspots are:

  • Folkestone 
  • Gravesend
  • Maidstone 
  • Medway Towns
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • Sevenoaks 
  • Thanet
  • Bexley 
  • Bromley 

In Conclusion,

Property investors who are interested in selling and buying properties in Kent must keep a tab on all these promising towns and upcoming places for making a good sale at great prices. 

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